Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The zoo with Aunt Ashley

Aunt Ashley came home for a few days this summer and she came down to visit yesterday. We ventured out to the zoo and had a fun day!! 

The Mizzou Tiger!

We had a super fun time at the zoo! Several animals were out and about that have been boring when we've visited before. But it wasn't those things that captured the excitement of my children. Oh no. That's reserved for the not one, but two, elephants who pottied in front of us, a puddle, a worm, and a train. We only paid to see one of those four things and I'm pretty sure I will spend the rest of my life trying to unsee it (while my kids, on the other hand, are rather eager to share about it to everyone who will listen.)

And this is what happened when I told the kids it was time to leave. 

I love getting to hang out with my sisters and my kids love it too! Aunt Laura is watching the kiddos this summer every Wednesday and Thursdays while I finish up my internship and so they are spending a ton of fun time together! 

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