Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Parenting: not for the faint hearted

Along with just being busy, parenting has been more difficult lately... which has really put a damper on the blogging output for sure. I, of course, love my kids to the moon and back. But this whole parenting deal is not for the faint hearted!

We've reached the ages of back-talking, incessant demands, whininess, bossiness, and the worst-- sibling fighting. Belle has learned to screech at the highest possible decible when Jackson just thinks of making her mad. And Jackson, he'll erupt in tears if Belle insists that she's 4 years old too (and he has yet to realize that she just says everything he does.)

Though, even though the fighting has increased lately-- so have the special moments I catch these two having. They love to play pretend together and I hear them laughing together so much. I love that these two have so much time together!

This particular morning-- Jackson and Belle played for TWO HOURS hiding out in these cabinets. 

Belle is at an age that makes me feel like I'm on a never ending roller coaster. (Does this ride ever stop?!) When this girl is sweet, she is the sweetest, most precious baby girl in the whole wide world. But when she's sassy... whew! Belle has an opinion on everything and it is generally opposite of whatever you say. 

"I'm not bootiful!!", "I'm not silly girl!" , or the one particular night in which she asked me to sing a song about God. I attempted a few songs that came to mind and ended up singing God is So Good. Clearly that wasn't the song, so she simply declared, "God is NOT good!!!" {She wanted me to see Mighty is Our God, by the way...}.

Check out this picture from our cousin's wedding. Belle really loves Jesse and she was under the impression that SHE would be the one to kiss him at the wedding and not the bride. Seriously, two seconds before the pic and it was just Jesse and Belle, she was all smiles and loving on Jesse. And then Paige walked over and this happened:

Attitude and all-- Belle is at such a sweet stage. Throughout the day, she'll come up and say, "I love you mosts!" or "I want you!"... which means she wants me to stop what I'm doing and snuggle. Coming from the girl who I never thought would cuddle, I love these moments!! She loves to be my helper and is actually a very good listener. Sharing is hard for her, but she's actually quite compliant when you remind her to share. Belle moved into her big girl bed this week. She crawled out once the first night and got a tiny swat. Since then, she hasn't gotten out of bed on her own. Even in the morning, she'll call for us to come and say, "Can I wake up please!?" 

Four is a fun age. So fun. But, it too, comes with it's struggles. Jackson is my sensitive little fella and his feelings can be hurt at the drop of a hat. Literally. His hat drops, tears might come. Jackson is sooooooo active that he seemingly just forgets that he can't throw/hit/bang/etc. And this is different because we don't have to teach him that those things are wrong, but that he needs to slow down and just think. Any advice on how to implement critical thinking in four year olds? (maybe I've been in grad school too long?!?) 

At the same time, I'm thinking four is my favorite stage -- and I've probably said that before... but Jackson is so much fun. He is a HUGE helper in the way that is actually helpful and not just getting in the way. Jackson's imagination is unbelievable and I am so entertained by listening and watching him play! And I know he's getting older, but Jackson is my snuggle bug. I find myself wanting to cherish every last, "Mommy, can we snuggle?" because I wonder if it will be the last!!! 

This is a picture of Jackson as he is telling a "knock knock" joke. His jokes are hilarious in a way that they aren't really that funny... but are just so out there that you can't help but laugh. And he thinks he's a comic, so we do too. ;)

Parenting is hard. And exhausting. And draining. And humbling. And I'm often left wondering if I'm doing the right things as a mom to cater to their unique personalities so that they can grow into the kids/teenagers/adults that God wants them to be! 

But parenting is SO much fun. The smiles, the giggles, the tackles, the stories, the uncontrollable laughter. The unique bond between us is just special-- they are each so different, but yet my role is the same in trying to make sure they each get what they need and I'm so grateful for the opportunity! It's humbling in a different perspective-- that God somehow chose me to be their Mommy. It's the little things that I want to remember. I never want to forget their precious little traits that I know'll they'll outgrow! the mean time, I am SO grateful for the grandparents, aunts, and babysitters that are so available to jump in and have quality time with the kids so I can recharge when needed. It's best for everyone that way! :)


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  1. Your little gal and my sound like two peas in a pod! hehe. Strong willed at times but, as sweet as can be at other times. My little gal for the longest time would yell at me defiantly, "No mom, I don't wannuh have dejus in my hawt." Simply because she was so mad that I sad that He was. I got nervous and had to like pray for her. hahah. Oh she wears me ragged these days but, those few little moments of adorableness fuel me for the next few rough hours! I feel yah!! haha


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