Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chiefs Training Camp

Earlier this week, we ventured up to the Chiefs Training Camp up in St. Joe at the Missouri Western campus.  It was a super fun morning full of watching practice, playing, and getting autographs!  Even though we were drenched in sweat, thoughts of cool, "football weather" flooded my thoughts and it can't come soon enough!

The team was scrimmaging when we got there

It didn't take long for the kids to lose interest (well, Belle was never actually interested to begin with) so we went to the kid zone to play.

Jackson kicked some field goals

And so did Belle!

Jackson threw some footballs and he did an obstacle course race too!

After practice, we stuck around for the quarterback and special teams autograph session and Jackson loved it. 

I didn't really plan ahead to bring anything for autographs, so I bought a pennant from the gift shop. It was perfect!

Jackson with kicker, Ryan Succop

Thomas Gaffer

Bradley McDougald  

Tight End, Travis Kelce 

Jackson did such a good job of being patient and waiting his turn and the other fans often helped him get noticed because he was easily overlooked because he was so little. This man picked Jackson up and helped him lean over to get the autograph of quarterback, Tyler Bray! Chiefs fans are the best (and loudest, of course!)

Jackson ended up with 8-9 autographs overall and he just felt so special. He especially loved the ones who put his hand on his shoulder when they took pictures. He looked at me and said, "That guy is my friend!" His pennant is proudly displayed on his bedroom wall and he has eagerly shown it off to everyone who has been over!  

Belle never really got into any of the activities of the morning, but as soon as we passed by some cheerleaders on the way out... she just lit up! She had been clinging to Grandpa Forrest, not even letting me carry her, but when I asked if she wanted to say hi, she walked right over and got on her lap for a photo! She would have sat there all day if they would've let her!

It was such a fun morning and everyone had a great time! I really appreciate the Chiefs for putting on such a fun event (for free!!) and for the players taking the time to sign autographs and take photos! We are definitely ready for football season!! 


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  1. I've been following your blog for a few weeks, but I had no idea you were in/near KC! That's my hometown, and I am OBSESSED with the Chiefs... grew up with season tickets! My family used to drive up to River Falls, WI for their training camp each year before it was moved to St. Joe! So crazy. It looks like your family had a blast! I'm displaced in Colorado right now, so I deal with Broncos fans on a daily basis... always a Kansas City girl at heart! :)

    Janelle @ Wild Blue Yonder


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