Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of Preschool

Yesterday was Jackson's first day of preschool! He was so excited and I have some video clips to prove it. He was particularly excited to play at the play ground and eat snacks. He clearly has high academic expectations for the school year.

Jackson was pretty cooperative for my mandatory photo shoot and I got some great shots, but only because I let him have "silly face" shots in between. He's a funny guy.

This is actually my favorite photo, but Jackson prefers the first one because it shows off his backpack. 

Captioned: Are you done yet, Mom?? Oh I just love is brown eyes. 

And check out our Aller-mates bracelet (and the remnant of a "temporary tattoo that refuses to wash off). Jackson was so compliant with his bracelet! That little piece of rubbery-plastic just makes me feel much more at ease (and perhaps the three phone calls to and from the school nurse helped, too). 

This was at the school waiting for the doors to open. The sunglasses were definitely helpful because it was bright and sunny day, but also to mask the few tears that surfaced. It wasn't really about dropping him off, but hearing him pray before we went in. On the way to the school, I prayed for him to be brave and good listener, to have fun and learn lots of new things. He prayed similarly, but also added "for the time to go by quickly because three hours is a long time and I will miss my Mom."

He's going to have a great time with Ms. Mary Kay!! 

When I picked him up, he was beaming with excitement and He could hardly wait to Skype with Derek at bedtime. It's going to be a good year!


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