Monday, August 19, 2013

My ears are so tired (also a belated apology)

Once upon a time when Belle was an infant, Derek was soaking up her cuteness and commented, "I can't wait until she can start talking!" I knew what he was getting at-- Jackson really started talking while Derek was away at AIT and so he missed out on that fun stage, but I still remember thinking that he'd probably eat those words someday. 

 You've heard this old adage before, right?

When we picked Julie up at the airport a few weeks ago, she was so impressed on how much Belle had grown and that she was talking. It was only two days later when Julie spent the duration of the 40 minute drive home from my parents house with her hands over her ears trying her best to drown out the noise.

Both of my kids talk. A lot. Jackson has always been a good talker. I sort of worried that my second wouldn't be as much of a talker she wouldn't have as much of an opportunity to talk. However, that's simply not the case. In fact, my kids constantly fight over whose turn it is to talk. They talk to me, they talk to strangers, they talk to everybody. In fact, Jackson said one day, "just going to talk to myself!" when I told him that my ears were tired {which is something my mother finds great humor because I apparently said that myself...}.

I don't know if I can say that either of my kids talk more than the other, but Belle's incessant talking brings on the most attention. She talks so much that people actually approach me to comment that she talks a lot when we are out and about. This happens at least twice a week. In fact, at her two-year checkup, her doctor actually had to recheck the chart to see if it was the two or three year appointment. 

Driving time is the worst as there is no escape. It does no good to say to Belle, "we need to take a break from talking," Then she'll cry and say, "I just want to talk," which leads to an entire monologue about how much she wants to talk. She'll whine and repeatedly ask, "Can I talk now?" Turns out, it is really just best to let her jibber-jabber away. Or sometimes, I'll just turn the music up. 

My ears are tired. So, so tired, especially now that I am home full time again with the kids. But, it's not just me. My brother once made a decision tree that pretty much sums it all up. 
Anyone who actually knows me in real life is probably thinking this entire post is like the pot calling the kettle black. But there are TWO of these little talkers and only one of me. Also, I'd like to apologize to those whose ears I once made tired (Derek not included, because he knew what he was getting into). 

Of course with all of the talking that they do, my kids say super sweet and/or funny things. Here's a few from this week:
  • Jackson: Mom I love you the most. And I'll love you even after you're dead.... and if you're dead, you won't yell at me anymore.
  • Belle: "alligator" = elevator, "soup case" = suit case
  • Jackson: You need to see the doctor so that you can be adopted.
  • Belle: She loves to tell secrets, and my favorite is when she leans in and whispers so quietly in my ear, "I love you most."
  • Jackson: I am so starving, I'm starving up to God!


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