Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our new favorite park!

Derek left for annual training this morning. He'll be spending two weeks at between his armory in St. Joseph and Fort Leavenworth. Last night, the kids "helped" Derek pack and Belle was hoping to sneak along in the suitcase.

This morning, the kids and I ventured out to explore a new park nearby. It was an amazing find! The kids played their hearts out for two hours. When we got home, Jackson put himself down for a nap!! Unbelievable! 

We visited Brumble's Forest at Meadowmere Park in Grandview. If any of you live nearby, you should check it out! While this park had all the usual amenities like a playground, slides, and swings... they were just so uniquely put together. The climbing mechanisms weren't simple ladders-- they could be climbed several times using different techniques. I loved the creative play and I'm certain that's why my kids were entertained for such a long time!

Isn't this so much more fun than a ladder??

Days at the park are so much fun! We'll have to go back when Derek can go with us! 


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