Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fake Skateboarding

Fake skateboarding was once an activity reserved for my before-I-met-him husband and his college roommate while they made pointless videos in the claim of comedy. This was pre-YouTube and so I lack evidence to show you the ridiculousness. Plus, I'd like to keep it hidden so when I'm lecturing Jackson about needing to take college seriously and study hard, I can avoid conversations like, "But Dad used to...." 

But today, fake skateboarding was reintroduced into my life.

My kids have been dying to visit to the skatepark that they can see when we play at the playground. If we go to the park in the afternoon, Jackson will just sit and watch the kids skateboard and do all sorts of tricks. He's fascinated! There have always been kids actually skateboarding when we've been to the park recently, but today it was empty and my kids were thrilled. 

They fake skateboarded for almost half an hour!

They slid down the ramps

And climbed

And had lots and lots of fun!! 

Jackson has asked for a skateboard for his birthday. I told him that skateboarding might be a fun thing to do when he turns nine. I had to write it down here so I can at least be consistent when he asks again. Even when age nine comes around, he'll still have to wear a mega-ridiculously safe helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and pillows duck taped around his body too!

But as for fake skateboarding-- he can do that all he wants! Just hopefully not in the wee hours of the morning, at age 19, in his dorm room, making a movie! But who knows, if he turns out much more like his father... it just might happen. 


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