Monday, September 9, 2013

Quick Weekend Recap

Our weekend consisted of a Royals game on Friday night:

A Saturday morning purge of all heavily processed foods (mainly everything that consists of five or more ingredients and/or having ingredients I can't pronounce):

(These bags are the pantry items. There was an equal amount of refrigerated/freezer items.)

And a Saturday afternoon of shopping for produce at the farmer's market and restocking our pantry with items from Whole Foods:

We had nursery on Sunday morning and I got to snuggle with one of my favorite little guys from the moment he was dropped off until the moment his mama came back. I love baby snuggles! Sunday afternoon, we watched the Chiefs dominate over the Jacksonville Jaguars (which was a GREAT way to start the NFL season!)! We walked to church for the evening service and finished the weekend with our newest tradition of family movie night in the basement. 

Also, over the weekend, we admitted my MacBook into the Genius Bar hospital for a few days. After getting a new trackpad installed, my computer is back up and running like brand new-- and I don't feel like chucking it across the room. :)

Our weekend was the perfect mix of being productive, spending quality time together, and relaxing! How was your weekend??


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