Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jackson's Firefighter Birthday

Yesterday, Jackson had several friends over to celebrate his birthday. He's turning five tomorrow. FIVE! We had a firefighter party this year and it was so much fun. His friends came over and we had just a couple simple activities and treats and then we headed to the fire station for a tour!

Belle is up spending the weekend with my parents. At first, I really wanted her to be here and go have fun with us, but after Mom invited her up I changed my mind. Why would Belle want to stay here and watch Jackson be the center of attention when she could be up with Grammy and Papa and BE the center of attention herself... for an entire weekend. Before she left, we played fighter fighter games though. 

I picked up a firefighter costume at a consignment sale last month and he wore it to great his guests!

His little friends each got a fire fighter hat and a sticker sheet that I ordered from Oriental Trading.


Here's Jackson's finished sticker scene:

I dug out some foam letters for the kids and they decorated their fire hats.

Everyone congregated in our family room while the kids worked on their stickers and fire hats.

We enjoyed yummy cookies by my friend HanNah along with some clementines and juice. 

Jackson opened his presents and then we caravanned to the fire station. The kids were SO excited.

The guys gave a tour of of the vehicles and showed them several of the tools they use. 

They got to climb in and out of all of the vehicles!

 The kids lined up to check out the fire suit. 

The guy got fully dressed in 1:03 minutes!

The kids also got to take turns shooting the fire house! I think this was everyone's favorite!

 ... except mine when they widened the spout and I got drenched. 

The firefighters showed us their living quarters-- their kitchen, living room, and bunk room. Jackson thought it was so funny that the beds folded down from the wall! 

The kids had a great time. In fact, many of the parents mentioned that they enjoyed the tour, too! It was such a fun birthday party activity-- and the fire department didn't even charge for the tour. When I asked Jackson about his favorite thing about his party his first answer was, of course, presents. But his "second best" thing about the day was seeing his friends. We are so blessed to have great friends to celebrate our special guy!


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