Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My kids make me laugh :)

Kids are funny. They are a lot of other adjectives that fit the bill, but even in the midst of their demands, meltdowns, oftentimes sheer ridiculousness, there is often some humor involved.

Take this meltdown from the 4th of July weekend. Belle's world was ending. The hotdog was just absolutely inedible. Why? Oh, well, the bun broke. DUH!!!! Broken food cannot be eaten when you are two years old.

My kids love bananas. Sometimes I slice them, sometimes I peel one and break it in two and give it to the kids. But when I give them a whole, unpeeled banana... Jackson always has to "call" someone first. Every time. It always cracks me up. 

Everyone knows that kids say the darnedest things. Also funny things. Here's what's being said around here.

  • Jackson refers to cantaloupe as "pine-aloupe."
  • In Belle's attempt-to-avoid-bedtime strategy, she will eventually run out of requests and literally ask, "But I need SOMETHING." 
  • Despite being reminded of the correct pronunciation, Jackson refers to his choir class as "quarry". He simply says that he likes his version of the word better.
  • Belle has been doing through a stage where she leaves off the ends of words. For instance, "Ja" = Jack. "Pand" = Panda. I have no idea how she's come up with it! 
  • Both kids have their own versions of expressing their utter distaste with whatever I have done... mostly denying absurd requests or expecting them to follow instructions. These aren't funny like haha funny. But to them, it's the worst thing they can think to say to me. 
    • Jackson: "You are a bad Mommy." And if he's really mad, it's "bad, BAD Mommy."
    • Belle: "I'm not playing with you!" (and she'll stomp out of the room).
  • Derek referred to Belle as clumsy the other day and she retorted, "I am NOT a SMURF!" Hahahaha. I think this is so funny. She has no idea that all of their names are adjectives. 

Aren't kids funny? If you have a funny kid story-- I'd love to hear it! (My mother excluded!!!!)


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