Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Family Stay-cation

My family has been trying to schedule a little family getaway for months but scheduling was a nightmare! We finally found a weekend that worked and it turned out that having a little stay-cation would be best! I'm so glad we did, too! It was so much fun!

Saturday morning, my family came down to watch Jackson's soccer game.

My family + Derek's family + us = 9 spectators for one little four year old. :) 

After the game, we headed back to our house to enjoy a delicious brunch to fill our tummies before we headed to World's of Fun. Not only was it super yummy, but it was a much better option that filling up on expensive food from the amusement park that is terrible for you! 

We started off with a ride on the Patriot, which is by far my favorite! My dad-- he wasn't a fan.
So after the Patriot, we headed off to something that is more Dad-friendly in Camp Snoopy. :)

Jackson thought he was so cool that he could ride BY HIMSELF!

Enjoying a flying boat ride with Aunt Ashley

Going for a drive. Jackson wasn't tall enough to drive, but he steered!

Here we are before as we geared up to ride the Sea Dragon ride. Jackson contemplated very hard whether he was going to ride it or not, but he decided he was up for it.

He CRIED!! It was kind of like a whimper, actually. His little body tensed up every time our side made it up high... and we were in the middle! I felt terrible the whole time.

This is the Sea Dragon. It swings back and forth.

And then the ride stopped and he said, "Can we ride again?!?" Mom and I looked at each other in disbelief. We went and found the guys who happened to be taking a nice nap...

And Derek and I rode the Sea Dragon with Jackson again. He cried AGAIN!!! But he still insists that it was his favorite thing from the entire park. 

Belle got to go on a ride with Aunt Laura! 

Laura said she giggled the whole time. Unloading took foooorever and as it was way past nap time, Belle was asleep before it was her turn to get off!

 We took turns taking the kids on rides and riding the roller coasters. It was lots of fun! We were all pretty exhausted by the time we left around dinner time. Dad grilled tilapia and chicken for dinner. More yummy food!

Sunday was full of more yummy food. Roast and mashed potatoes. We enjoyed watching the Chiefs beat the Raiders (6-0!!!!)  from the comfiest couch ever. And we were super thrilled to know that the record for loudest stadium is now back at Arrowhead!

We came back home in time for evening church and then enjoyed our family ritual of watching a Sunday night movie. We watched The Incredibles and Belle has insisted that she is Incredi-girl ever since. 

It was so nice to spend time with my side of the family! It's quite rare that we can all get together and even this time, my brother is in the midst of grad school in Virginia. I bet he just wishes he could have had as much fun as we did instead of the hours of studying that occupy his weekends. 

What's your favorite thing to do on a stay-cation?


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  1. Looks like you had awesome weather for this! I'm jealous of your sunshine!


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