Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday

I'm linking up with Five on Friday today!

1. I didn't get around to my Thankful Thursday post yesterday because I wanted to read my book instead of blog... so, I'll go ahead and just say that I'm thankful for good books!

2. Speaking of books, I started reading some chapter books with Jackson this week. After asking for recommendations on facebook, I started with the Magic Tree House series. Well, in 3 days we finished two books and Jackson is eager to find what happens to Jack and Annie on their next adventure!

3. Derek and I took the kids to a high school basketball game last night. After the kids went to bed, we both brought up how doing things as a family is so much easier these days. At the game, we were able to spend time with the kids and also visit with some friends-- we didn't spend the entire time chasing down and worrying about them running into the court. It's so nice to be able to take the kids and do things... and it's so enjoyable too! I love our family. :)

4. Speaking of kids, they do and say funny things. Here are a few funnies from the week:
  • Jackson, while he loves being 5, is really bummed that he's not old enough to watch the "TG-13" version of Transformers.
  • Derek was having the kids pick up and Belle starts crying, "It hurts!" He rushes to her aid to see how she has likely hurt herself and when he inquires about what hurts she sobs, "my feelings!!" 
  • I bought some mini-cinnamon rolls from a bakery last week. Jackson rationed them out because he wanted to make sure they lasted several days. He insisted that we each only at one each morning. Since when does a 5 year old have that much will-power? I may have eaten some behind his back. 
  • Belle missed out on most of the cinnamon rolls because she was up at Grammy's, but after she ate one for a snack, she walked in the kitchen and said, "that made my tummy VERY happy." 
5. Despite the cinnamon rolls, Derek reached a huge weight loss milestone this week-- 30 pounds! Since September! I, myself, have reached 24 pounds in twelve weeks. It's unbelievable... especially because I haven't exercised in weeks and have been enjoying cinnamon rolls (a treat from a "clean" bakery) and occasional daily dark chocolate. The pounds just keep coming off as we make sure to eat the foods that our bodies were created to consume. And I haven't counted a single calorie or carb or anything equally as annoying... just ingredients! :)

Happy Friday everyone!



  1. 30 lbs is amazing! woo go Derek!

    Come link up with me today!

  2. My kids love the Magic Tree House series. And as far as taking them to games and such, they're JUST now at an age where I can relax a little. Your kids must be VERY well-behaved. Even now, I have to keep a close eye on my son (who is 7) if his best friend is there. Those two are very mischievous ... to say the least! ... when they're together.


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