Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Simple Perfection

Our weekend was simply fabulous. In fact, the fabulousness has bled into the beginning of this week! Tomorrow is Derek's last day of the work week and so the fabulousness will just continue! I love it. :)

On Friday, the kids picked out little Christmas trees and little decorations for their rooms. We also put up Christmas lights in their rooms and they just love them. I promise that we respect the turkey around here... this is the only decorating we've done! :)

On Saturday, we had a wonderful family day. We didn't have anything particularly special planned, but it was low-key, productive, and fun to spend time together at home! Words don't do it justice. It was simply the kind of weekend that I used dreamed about having a family. 

That night, Derek and I went on a date. We haven't been eating out hardly at all lately and so our eating out budget had been growing and growing. At one point, we realized that we had enough to visit this restaurant that I have been waiting YEARS to visit. It was so fun to go try something new and it was absolutely delicious. We visited a Fogo De Chao, a Brazilian restaurant on The Plaza. There's no menu-- just a bunch of waiters carrying around swords of meat and you pick which ones you want. Or all of them ;) 

Both Saturday and Sunday, we spent all afternoon camped out on the floor in front of the fire. It's my most favorite thing ever. We watched the Chiefs game on Sunday afternoon (I'm still grumpy about it and I don't want to talk about it) and then we had a Thanksgiving dinner at church. Brad and Mary came over later that night and we played board games... in front of the fire, of course!

Yesterday, we dropped off our  Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes and had another simple day at home. I ventured out to book club last night and enjoyed visiting with my friends.

Today was another really great day. I've been putting off the van inspection because I didn't really want to deal with kids waiting around the auto shop, but we did that this morning. Before we left, one of the men at the shop said that the kids were the best behaved kids he's ever seen. I am sure it was an exaggeration, but it was a wonderful compliment and helped me realize how great my kids really are. The kids helped me clean the house for company tonight earning a penny for every task and they was NO whining and they were actually helpful. We had friends come over tonight and we played MORE games. :) 

Nothing super exciting nor particularly blog-worthy has happened over the past few days, but it's the simplicity of it all that has just felt so good. I don't know how else to explain, other than... it's simple perfection. More than anything else we do as a family-- the fun adventures, celebrating holidays-- these simple moments are my favorite.

I have spent the last few days just letting them soak in, not wanting to miss out on the moment just to try to document it for the future. Spending time with family and friends-- this is the best part of life and I'm looking forward to getting to visit with more family and friends over the next few days as we celebrate Thanksgiving! 


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