Friday, November 15, 2013

Six week photo dump

Warning: this is a long photo dump post. I just checked and the last time I shared my latest Instagram pics was in September! We've got six weeks of pics to catch up. :)

Back in September, we enjoyed a nice evening around the firepit. These are my favorite fall moments!

"Hey, Mom.... I helped!!!!!"

Jackson on crazy hair day at school!

Belle looked in the mirror, noticed her messy bun, and excitedly proclaimed, "I'm a Mommy!!!" Apparently, I don't do my hair often enough.

Jackson and I were preparing for his firefighter birthday party!

Coloring merely on paper interferes with her artistic flare?

Storytime outfit: shorts, t-shirt snow boots, chiefs helmet. Whose kid is this?!?

It was a tad windy the afternoon that the kids went to play outside in the rain!

One of the trees in our backyard has giant leaves-- and they look like hearts! So fun. 

Cousin sleepover! 

My sister-in-law and I ventured out to explore Westport last weekend. Frozen yogurt-- yum!

This past Monday our street got repaved! Trucks were here all day. My kids were so intrigued. They watched for hours. A few of the workers even came to talk to us and explain the process and others waved at the kid each time they drove by. It was so fun!

The weather turned yucky very quickly, but it didn't stop the kids from watching from inside. This was cooler than TV!

Pink scarf day at the library!

"Mom, I'm stickering!" 

I love that cameras are so accessible these days to capture fun day-to-day moments. The bad news is that I have about a hundred kazillion photos on my phone and computer. Once I've shared them though, I can go back and delete!

Have a fun weekend everyone! :)


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  1. Some of those pics literally made me laugh out loud! Love it!


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