Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Soccer Stud

Soccer season ended several weeks ago. Tonight, Jackson happened to be playing with his soccer medal and it reminded me to post about it!

Jackson really had a fun time playing soccer this fall! I hate to be the parent who just thinks my kid is perfect at everything, but I do have to say that he's got some talent. Jackson played with 3-4 year olds, though by the end of the season he was just about 5. This is clearly an advantage. Jackson would almost always be the first to get to the ball at the start of each play. He played aggressively and he stayed active near the ball.

It's not that he's better than all of the other kids, it's just that he gets very into competitive sports and takes the game seriously. He wouldn't have "stood out" quite as much if he was playing with several other players who wanted to play hard like him.

During soccer practices, the coaches encouraged "short kicks" to stay in control of the ball. Jackson was never a fan of this to the point to where he'd never actually try to kick it short. He always made long, power kicks. I tried to practice with him at home one time, but he said to me, "I want to play grown up soccer! I want to do LONG kicks." Turns out, he always thought the coaches telling the kids to do short kids was baby soccer and not grown up soccer. 

Most importantly, Jackson had a lot of fun. He liked practices and he liked scrimmaging.

And he LOVES his medal.

Belle, on the other hand, isn't a fan of soccer. And honestly, I can't blame her. I remember being bored while going to all of my older brother's games and stuff. Sorry sweetie! Not only would she be bored, but near the end of the season-- it got COLD! We deserve a medal for enduring nearly freezing temps and sprinkling rain on the sideline!

 Jackson seems to have a natural thing for sports. He likes working on skills and he does well with instruction! He's big on competition too (not sure where he got that from!). As long as he's having fun, we'll keep doing sports! I think basketball comes around this winter!


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