Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I'm back with another Thankful Thursday post for the month of November. Last week, I shared the wonderful things about my community that I love and that benefit our family so much. 

This week I am thankful for our babysitters!!!! Of course we are thankful for all of the people who provide care for our children and all of them are great! But we have two pretty regular babysitters (other than our family) and we just love them. The kids more than love them. 

Chelsea was our first "real" babysitter. It was almost two years ago when she started coming over each week so I could do schoolwork and stuff. Even though she would come over on Thursdays, the kids would wake up every day and and ask, "Is it a Chelsea day?" She's been a lifesaver these last few months coming over multiple times so I could squeeze in a few more hours of study time for my licensing exam! Also, she always does cute things with Belle's hair. Any cute thing I do to Belle's hair is only because Chelsea did it first.

The kids are equally fond of Chelsea as displayed by this conversation....

Belle: Mom, are you the boss?
Me: Yes. I'm the boss.
Belle: Are you the bad boss?
Me: What do you mean? 
Belle: Chelsea's the good boss. You're the bad boss.
(Mind you, Belle was just sitting and eating lunch. She wasn't in trouble or anything. This is just plain honest toddler speak)

Our other babysitter is Kenzie! On the very first night that Kenzie babysat, we came home to find Belle asleep on a pile of stuffed animals on the floor with no shirt. She apparently refused to wear anything other than her puffy vest and wouldn't let Kenzie put her to bed. Kenzie was so worried! I was in complete awe of her ability to keep cool and to not negotiate with toddler terrorists. Fortunately, the incident didn't scare her away!

I don't want to brag too much lest anyone want to snatch her up for their own kiddos, but we love her. The kids get equally excited about Kenzie coming over. She normally comes over in the evenings and so I'll tell the kids early in the day. And then I have to hear "Is Kenzie here yet?" about 567 times in a matter of a few hours! I suppose it's a small price to pay to have babysitters that we love!! 

We are so thankful for these girls who come over and love on our kids! We trust them, the kids love them. We're blessed!!


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  1. Good babysitters are hard to find! We moved to a new state when mini boo was 11 days old and we knew no one. We used and after many interviews, found the perfect fit for us and our guy. It is SO nice to have date night again! :)

    Found you via Kellys Korner.


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