Monday, November 11, 2013

The deployment that never happened

Happy Veteran's Day! 

We made our annual visit to the Hy-Vee veteran's breakfast this morning. I am just in love with this picture. Everyone is looking, everyone is smiling-- and that hubby of mine is just so handsome. :)

At the breakfast today, a little girl named Sydney (I know this because she spelled it for me because she said it'd be "too hard" for me) asked Derek, "are you a veterinarian too?" It was so sweet. I'm glad other kids have outgoing personalities like mine!

Derek will have four years in the army in January. His unit was scheduled for deployment once. In fact, he broke the news on the day that Isabelle was born.

After this picture it should read: 9:00 pm- Baby is sleeping in hospital nursery. Derek and I squeeze onto the hospital bed and are alone for the first time in months.  He gently breaks the news that his unit is scheduled for deployment. It may seem cold-hearted, but he just wanted to tell me in person and I'm thankful. He left in July and I had Belle in February. He'd been gone all that time! The deployment was scheduled barely two months after his upcoming homecoming! I'm convinced that God gave me the easiest delivery ever with Belle just so I'd be capable of handling the information. Miraculously (seriously, miraculously) I managed amazingly and promised that we'd make it work!

Fortunately, that deployment never happened. It just kept getting pushed back and pushed back until it was finally cancelled. When I say "fortunately" it's really fortunate just for me and the kids. While Derek isn't eager to spend months away from home and our family, there is a very real part of him wanted and still wants to go. To go do the things he's trained to do, to serve on a greater scale, and to earn the privilege to wear the combat patch on his uniform. It may be hard to understand, but that's just Derek (and probably most service members).

And while he hasn't been to war, he's my hero for simply signing up and being willing to go. Our recent OEF and OIF wars are the first that have consisted of an entirely volunteer-force. Volunteers like my husband and many others who made the commitment to serve our country, not only in peacetime, but during war. 

Happy Veteran's Day to all veterans past and present! 


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