Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

The last week has been crazy ridiculous. First,  Derek had a three day drill weekend and then I headed up to my parents house with the kids on Sunday. We drove back home this morning just in time to drop Jackson off at preschool. Throw in the daylight savings change and whew! I'm ready for things to get back to normal.
  • I missed Menu Monday yesterday. First, I actually didn't have a computer with me when I was up at my parents. Second, I threw away my menu. On accident of course. It was with my grocery list and once I completed my shopping, I tossed the list. Now, I have a lot of ingredients for meals that I don't even remember. This should be interesting. Tonight I am going to improvise and make omelettes and maybe pancakes.
  • Yesterday was my big exam for my licensure as a counselor. To say I am glad to have it behind me is a total understatement. I was in grad school for five years and I spent three months studying specifically for this test-- and it was still the hardest test I've ever taken. The good news-- I PASSED!!!!!!
  • After my test that was nearly four hours long, I treated myself to some Chick-fil-A. Now, I try to steer clear from using food as a reward these days, but it was lunch time, I was hungry-- it just worked out. Also, It was delicious. Here are a few thoughts: 
    • I opted for the nuggets over the sandwich because bread is always full of crappy ingredients (I wanted to reserve my allocation of "bad-for-me" food for delicious chicken and not on mediocre white bread). 
    • Second, I was full before I finished my meal and I was okay with throwing some away instead of stuffing myself. 
    • I enjoyed a Coke for the first time in two months. And it was the real stuff, not the subpar Coke Zero I had switched too because I thought it was better for me. One sip and I remembered why I love it so much! But, I didn't get a larger cup and I enjoyed just the single serving.
  • Also, yesterday, I met my very first blog friend. I'm pretty sure Derek thought it was the lamest thing ever, but bloggers are real people, folks! Katy who writes at Katy in a Corner is the funniest blogger I've ever read. Her videos are even better. She's a mother of two kids, a God-loving woman, and even more fabulous in real life. My high school friend, Rachel, invited me to a MOMs group last night to hear Katy speak and it so perfectly worked out that I was already at my parents. It was fun getting to meet Katy and see Rachel, but I was really uplifted by the Bible Study and messages! 

  • Other big news: Derek's brother and his family have moved to town! Mary started a new job and they made the cross-state move this weekend. We're excited that the kids will get to grow up together! Plus, Brad and Mary like board games so Derek will get outvoted. Yay for Game Nights! (someone go find Derek and make sure he's not jumping off the top of a building).
(Gabe and Eli are eager picture takers. My kids on the other hand have given up on cooperating for yet another photo their mother insists on taking!)
  • Tonight Derek and I are headed to another Love and Logic parenting course that we started a few weeks ago! The best part is that Derek and I are absorbing the same information at the same time and so for the first time, we're really on the same page of parenting style. It's been good! Also, Jackson paid me a quarter last week because that's what it takes to make Mommy's ears feel better after listening to whining.
  • Oh, and while I studied on Sunday afternoon, I made sure to still watch the Chiefs game! It's a good season to be a Chiefs fan!!! Football is just so much fun when you're rooting for a winning team! :)


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  1. Well, Amy, please be sure to tell Derek that bloggers are real people too. We have butlers and nannies and housekeepers and plastic surgeons just like everyone else. Shesh! What does a blogger have to do to find a friend around here? ;) Thanks for your kind words, Amy! It was so great to meet you!!!


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