Sunday, December 1, 2013

Children's choir

The past week has been an absolute blast. Even though we've stayed local, we have barely been home over the past four days spending time with friends and family. It's been wonderful.

But before I do our Thanksgiving recap, I wanted to share about Jackson's "performance" with the children's choir at church this morning. It'd be more appropriate to call it a non-performance-while-standing-up-front-and-looking-bored.

Jackson (white shirt, front row) didn't sing, smile, or do the motions. As you can see, he found himself a seat, hands in pocket, and was sending me a nice little scowl because I was taking pictures. His cousin, Gabe, didn't participate either, so at least he wasn't the only one! I suppose it was better than the spit-bubbles he made during his last non-performance. 

I mean, seriously, doesn't he look thrilled??

Aside from learning new songs and singing, Jackson loves choir and he always wants to go! He was even excited this morning about performing, but as soon as he's put on the spot-- he's not having it, which I find so funny because that's just not like him any other time. 

Even if he didn't have fun singing with choir, he loves hanging out with his buddy, Wyatt. These two were having lots of fun waiting for church to start!

No sooner than the children's choir finished up, the nursery came to get me in church because Belle got sick, so we came home early and finished decorating our Christmas tree. Jackson performed his songs for us at home!


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