Friday, December 6, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I love Christmastime! I love decorating, I love the music, I love traditions and Christmas lights. I just love it all. 

1. Jackson has been asking to put up the tree as soon as his birthday was over and he desperately wanted to be the one to put the star on top! :)

2. We don't have a pinterest worthy tree, but it works for us! I let the kids put up almost all of the ornaments, so they are mostly all on the bottom third of the tree. I love our ornaments because we they each represent a memory and it's fun to go through them as a family.

3. While I love all sorts of Christmas decorations, my all-time favorite is the nativity set that my mom bought me right before I got married! 

4. My second favorite is this nativity. Don't you love how the animals are inside the stable? Right now, Mary is on top with the other pieces are gathered around baby Jesus. Oh, and Mater and McQueen have joined in. 

 5. Over the past year, I collected 25 Christmas books to open leading up to Christmas. The kids have LOVED it. And, really, I do too! Ideally, I'd love for the wrapped books to hang out under the tree, but I have a handsy two-year-old that couldn't resist the temptation, so they're on a shelf. Maybe next year they can be under the tree.

This weekend starts the crazy Christmas schedules of parties, Santa visits, and trying to find time to do our favorite Christmas activities. Even if it the schedule is super crazy, it's still my favorite time of year!


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  1. Love, love, love the Willow Tree nativity! I bought the Little People nativity for Aniston this year, and weird stuff is always happening to ours too! :)


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