Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013: A big year for us

This past year was a crazy one. I feel like I say that every year, but this year was big for us.

  • I started my internship and kids started daycare for the first time ever.
  • Belle turned two in February!
  • Our family took turns being sick the entire month of February.
  • In March, we endured the potential-brain-tumor scare with Jackson. Every parent's worst nightmare. Praise the Lord we have a healthy, happy boy today!
  • I prepared a presentation for the American Counseling Association of Missouri and presented this April.
  • Derek earned his General License for ham radio.
  • I got my (one and only) wisdom tooth pulled. It was terrible.
  • I graduated!!!!!! just in time for Derek to start grad school. 
  • Jackson played t-ball and loved it!
  • Derek got promoted to Sergeant!
  • We celebrated our 7th anniversary... together! Thank you, army!
  • We traveled to St. Louis to celebrate the 4th of July.
  • Julie came back to visit and we took a whirlwind trip to Chicago!
  • I became a stay-at-home-mom again.
  • We finished our basement!
  • Jackson got several autographs from Chiefs players and Belle met the cheerleaders.
  • Jackson started preschool and he played soccer.
  • Belle drove a Humvee.
  • We cleaned out our pantries of all processed foods and began eating clean!
  • I got unfortunate news that my body is insulin resistant and began taking diabetic meds.
  • Jackson celebrated his 5th birthday at the fire station
  • The kids were minions for Halloween.
  • After years of faithfully supporting a losing team, the chiefs surprised us with a nine back-to-back wins!
  • I passed the National Counselors Exam! 
  • Derek's brother (and his family) moved to town!
  • We celebrated Thanksgiving by serving a meal at a shelter.
  • Derek lost 30 pounds and I lost 25 through clean eating and simple exercise. 
  • We had a wonderful Christmas!

Whew! It's been a good one. I have grown so much this past year. Time and time again, I felt in over my head, but I ended up coming through and I'm feeling much more confident with myself as a result. It's been a big year for Derek, too in his work, starting grad school, and with his hobby of ham radio.

I have a few ideas in mind to make 2014 an exciting year, too! To start, Derek and I are escaping to a Florida vacation. It's our first solo vacation since our honeymoon! I cannot wait.

Happy New Year!

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful year! I hope 2014 is just as great for your family! :)

    Janelle @ Wild Blue Yonder


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