Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kiddo Conversations

It is soooooo cold outside! It's the kind of cold that stings as soon as you go outside. From what I can tell, it's frigid across the country, so I won't complain! One thing for sure, I am absolutely not a fan.

Over the past several weeks, I have written down some of the conversations we have. Maybe it will warm your heart? Maybe not. But perhaps a chuckle.

From this morning as I was going over the Sunday School lesson in nursery.
Me: Do you guys know what sin is?
Jackson: I do! It's part of your body that is all over, outside of your bones, and protects the insides.

This conversation happens as soon as she comes home from spending any time with Grammy. The first day home, it's like 50 times a day and it slowly fades to every other day eventually.
Belle: Can we go to Grammy's?
Me: No honey, Grammy is working today.
Belle: But I like her!!
Me: I like her too, but we aren't going to visit her today.
Belle: Well, I'm ANGRY!  (walks off and pouts)
Through a series of unfortunate events, Derek is without work right now. He's had some interviews and has more scheduled, so things aren't looking too bleak, but I did try to keep the kids in the loop and so they could pray for Daddy. Jackson knows that Daddy goes to work to make money for the family. He began to get worried and I tried to use the conversation to talk about the real things that matter in life. And... it didn't really happen.
Jackson: But what about money?
Me: Oh, we'll be okay honey!
Jackson: Is Daddy rich?
Me: {chuckle} No, dear.
Me: Well, son. Some people are rich because they have lots of money. But we are rich because we have so such a great family and lots of friends who loves us!
Jackson: Well, I just wish we were TWO kinds of rich. 
{me, too buddy!}
One afternoon, Belle really took notice of my wedding ring. She tried it on and she was the happiest little girl! Daddy is going to have to get her a special ring when she gets a bit older!
Belle: I like your ring
Me: Thank you! Daddy gave it to me because he loves me.
Belle: Can I have it?
Me: No, this is Mommy's ring. Maybe when you're older you will get a sparkly ring!
Belle: But I AM older. I'm TWO!
Me: Would you like to try it on?
{Belle tries it on}
Belle: It's sparkly!!
Me: Do you like it?
Belle: Daddy loves me!
More theological discussion with Jackson. This one comes after a quick conversation about heaven, which happens quite frequently. Jackson is very interested in heaven... particularly the concept of getting a new body when we get there and who will know who. He does know that for those who love Jesus, when we die we go to heaven.
Jackson: What happens when you die and you're already in heaven?
Me: Well, once you're in heaven, you don't die.
Jackson: But what if you get hit from a bullet or an arrow?
Me: There aren't bullets or arrows. There aren't any bad guys!
Jackson: But what if bad guys get in?
Me: They can't.
Jackson: But what if Darth Vader gets into Heaven and used his blue sword?
Me: I promise, Jackson. Darth Vader will not be in Heaven. Just believe me. 
Aren't kids funny? What are funny things your kiddos have said? (Mom, you're not included to participate in this conversation.)


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