Monday, January 20, 2014

Lately, courtesy of Instagram

I haven't been doing a spectacular job at documenting just everyday life lately. Fortunately, instagram helps me out! Here are some of the things we've been up to for the last two months!

This is Belle's favorite hairstyle. It's titled "The Minnie Mouse."

Early in December, we got our first snow which was barely enough to cover the ground, but it didn't keep these kids from being excited about it! 

 Also in December, there was an unusually warm day and so we visited the zoo! And for the first time ever, we got to see the tigers awake! Belle was so happy. 

I love this picture. This sums up the time spent up at Grammy's. No wonder the kids don't like coming home. :)

Belle sweetly climbed up on my lap and asked, "are you going to keep me?" And the only appropriate response, "OF COURSE!!"

This was the first gingerbread house anyone in our house has ever made! :)

We snacked on the leftover icing!

Jackson joined a basketball team and started practice!

For Christmas, Great Grandpa gifted us a three month membership to the local community center and we love to play in the pool!

Green smoothies! We started the month with a 30-day Green Smoothie Pledge, but we never settled back into a consistent routine after vacation. The new recipes we've tried, though, have been super tasty! Plus, we're trying all sorts of new foods and flavors.

We got all decked out in red to watch the Chiefs in the playoffs a few weeks ago.

Even though the ending was tragic, at least the kiddos were cute! We're still Chiefs fan. Next year will be our year.

My beautiful Repunzel at a Tangled birthday party. Is this not the cutest idea ever??

Per Jackson's incessant request to go bowling "in real life", we went bowling a few weeks ago. I didn't take a pic of the end score because it was embarrassing. Next time, I'll be sure to add bumpers for myself.

Last Sunday, the sun was shining and it was so warm. The kids begged to go to the park after church and so we did! They had so much fun playing that they didn't even realize that lunch was an hour late! Jackson was a total boss on the monkey bars!

More basketball practice! Fortunately, there is usually a little mat on the floor in the gym and Belle loves to do somersaults! Two sports, one fee. Perfect! :)

Tonight was another swimming night. We normally swim until close to bedtime and I pack jammies for the kiddos to change into afterwards. Tonight, we went on a small detour to Cherry Berry for a frozen yogurt bedtime snack.

In other news that doesn't prompt many photos, we've done a lot of cleaning out, organizing, and rearranging different rooms in the house. I love it. Not the work itself, but the results! I joined a running accountability group for January and my goal has been to get in 25 miles this month. I am at 17 for now, which is probably more than the sum of all the miles I've ever ran as an adult put together. 

Belle has been potty-training. It's going alright, but any progress is progress I suppose! Apparently we were too ambitious with praising her efforts for the first time and proclaiming that she was a big girl because when I mention that it's time to try to go again, she replies, "But I am already a big girl!!" and has no interest in trying again.

Jackson has been playing Mario Kart on the Wii. I only hope that teaching him to drive in real life is easier than teaching him on the video game console. Oy! Jackson did run two miles with me last week at the gym. As we were nearing the end, I told him that I was running out of energy and asked if he'd be able to share some of his. He spent the last two laps looking back over his shoulder "blowing energy" at me. It was the sweetest thing ever. He might just have to be my new running partner!


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