Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My blogging rut

So I feel as if I'm in a blogging rut. It's not so much that I haven't had the time, but I just haven't felt I have had a ton to actually post about. This year, all 28 days, is happening all upside down and backwards from how I thought it was going to be. Did I mention it's only been 28 days? It's not bad, but just different. So there's quite a bit going on, but it's more so with me than it is with the kiddos. And let's be honest... that's why most of y'all are here! I don't blame you, they are pretty cute. To hold you over...

  • Belle loves to snuggle each morning and she uses the time to try to barter her way into having cake or candy for breakfast. And no matter what our response is, she'll still reply, "But... I like it!"  
  • Jackson is still playing Mario Kart a ton. I can barely watch him play because he is all over the place. Just vision that instead of making the car go in a straight line, it goes in a pretty steep zig-zag motion. Cue the headache! Also, he loves to make fart jokes and he laughs whenever anybody says underwear. Typical 5 year old boy. 

So, what else has been going on? It doesn't seem like much, and it isn't really... but being that things are just different than planned is what makes it seem bigger. Can anyone else relate?

  • I took up running, which is totally brand new to me. Exercise has been a regular thing for several months, only it's been everything BUT running. Last week, I ran my first solid three miles. And I didn't hate my life! I'm still in shock. 
  • God has been so faithful to provide for our family while Derek is between jobs. Derek is starting a new job on Monday and just sounds like it's going to be a great fit. Faith over finances. That's not the easy kind of faith. So thankful for a God who provides even when we worry and doubt. 
  • While Derek's been home more, we've been tackling a a huge honey-do list. We cleaned out the downstairs junk closet, majorly cleaned our master bedroom, and rearranged furniture in several rooms. It's like a brand new house! I went to book club last week and while I was gone, Derek and the kiddos spent hours cleaning. I was SHOCKED when I walked through the door. Such a surprise! 
  • For the past several months, I've sporadically submitted resumes here and there. And last week, I randomly got two phone calls for interviews... both for resumes that I submitted a long time ago. I went to the interviews and they went well. Granted, I really care to have either of the jobs, but I'm glad I went. The jobs are both too far and too many hours, but the jobs themselves sounded like so much fun. Turns out, I have missed that professional side and I have found a new desire to find a counseling job. I am currently licensed in Missouri and I have decided to get licensure in Kansas, too. Paperwork, much? 
  • Last week, my phone broke. It shut itself down and has yet to show signs of life. Well, it does have a blue blinking light, but according to the internet that means that it will never turn back on again. I wish I would've known. I would have purchased life insurance. Today is seven days without a phone. It hasn't been too bad, really. Only that Derek is probably annoyed because I keep taking his to make calls. I was looking forward to my phone upgrade this weekend, but it turns out Sprint is changing their plans into no-contract plans and the phones at no-contract prices are absurd. I mean, $600 for an iphone, which I can buy a giant ipad for less? I don't mind paying for technology, but I do mind when I am paying ridiculous prices because the phone companies have created those high prices to lure people into contracts. Maybe the local banks will start offering phone loans. Until then, email or facebook me if you need me!
  • Honestly, the very fact that I've even considered an iphone... it's kind of stressing me out. I've been pretty committed to my andriods over the years. But my andriod did just died out of nowhere. Plus, I have a macbook plus an ipad, so it seems easiest to just convert! Oh apple... when did you get this hold on me????? 

I am aware that once I reach the point over stressing out about switching cell phones that I'm officially headed for the looney bin! Come visit, please? 

I'll be blogging more once things get a little more steady.  Or perhaps I just need to be better at accepting not being in control and always planning two or three steps ahead. Or maybe a combination of the two? Jackson has been playing at basketball games and that will most certainly be an interesting post. Also, my baby girl is turning THREE in just a few weeks. Ohmigoodness... I barely blinked! 

Along with being phoneless, it's been so cold. So, so cold and we've been cooped up for weeks. I only have one new pic that I snapped today.

Thanks for hanging in there with me! 


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