Saturday, February 22, 2014

The reason Jackson will never go to Mars

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I was waiting to do a post about the Olympics because I thought there might be something notable to post about. I was pretty excited for the Olympics to begin a few weeks ago and so were the kids! Turns out that the Opening Ceremony was the coolest part.  I didn't get to watch it with the kiddos, but Derek did. This is how it went down:
  • Belle was so excited about Belgium, Belize, and Belarus. She was thrilled that people "with her name" were on the Olympics. Seriously, I can't type that without laughing.
  • Jackson kept saying that he has traveled to all the countries they announced. Derek reminded him that he has only been to several states, not countries. And then Georgia was announced. "See, Dad... I have been there!" 
  • Also, Jackson was very concerned for the people of Hungary. "Dad, do they not have food there?" 

Closing ceremonies are tomorrow. More like the Hallelujah Ceremonies. If I never watch NBC Commentators again, I won't be sad. You know, the ones who make athletes cry. Also, I am really, REALLY ready to get back to regular programing. The Blacklist anyone? The Amazing Race? Survivor??? I can't wait much longer.


As you are probably well aware, Jackson is pretty into planets, stars, and pretty much everything space related. Today as we were driving twenty minutes to Chick-fil-a for dinner, Jackson kept complaining about how long it was taking, so I brought up how long it would take to get to Mars. I read about the Mars One mission a few weeks ago, so my son thinks I'm pretty cool for knowing this kind of stuff. Well, I remember it being a ridiculously long trip, so I told him it would take one year. Like, if he left when he was five, he'd get there when he was six. (Turns out I overestimated, 7 or 8 month trip depending on orbit). Jackson's response:

  • "But you can't have a birthday cake on a space ship! I would NEVER go to Mars!" 
There are a million and one reasons I wouldn't go to Mars, but missing out on birthday cake wouldn't be a priority. But, that's okay. From what I have read, all missions to Mars involve a one way trip. I'll make all the birthday cakes necessary to keep Jackson on this planet!


So, during the same week that Belle turned three, Jackson's school has an open house and we enrolled him in kindergarten. It seems like a cruel thing to do to a mother in one week!! Jackson (or Jack as he wants to be called in school) was pretty timid when we visited his class room, but after looking around and playing at different centers, he decided that kindergarten might be fun. The convincing factor:
  • In Kindergarten, you get TWO recesses!!!!!!!!!! 
  • There are more boys enrolled than girls, which to him, is awesome. 
He keeps asking when he gets to go to kindergarten because preschool is clearly lame now. There's still several months before I'll be ready to send him away for full day school! Who am I kidding... I probably won't be ready.

Other Miscellaneous Happenings:

  • I cleaned out Belle's room the other day and packed up too small clothes and unpacked bigger sizes. Want to know what I found? The cutest little outfit that I picked up for her birthday. :( I am so sad. 
  • Jackson has been playing basketball and it's been so fun to watch! I am hoping to get a post up soon. He's improved SO much!
  • Belle got into an arguing match with another little boy this week. "No, I'm three." ... "No I AM three." So on and so forth. Turns out he just had a birthday too and they were both pretty possessive!
  • This weather this week has been a breathe of fresh air. Literally. Like, you can go outside and breathe and not choke on the frigid below freezing temps. We have played and played and played outside. It's supposed to get cold again (boo!) tomorrow, but at least we had a nice little sneak peek of what's to come in only a few weeks.

Jackson and Belle with cousins Gabe and Eli


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