Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day!

I was looking through my old blog posts the other day and came across last years Valentine post. I forgot that Jackson called it 'tinesvalens' day. Re-reading that made me smile! :)

I've always been a fan of Valentine's Day and it's just so much more to celebrate with kiddos! Early in the week, the kids made valentines to send to my siblings. We used a heart sponge and a toilet paper roll!

I love looking at his handwriting!!

Jackson made valentines for his class with Grammy last weekend and started counting down days until his class party on Thursday. He was so excited. He came home with quite a bit of loot and told me all about the fun things they did in class. He couldn't talk about his party without mentioning the fact that Camilla made enough valentines to give one to herself and so she ended up with one more valentine than all of the other classmates. She went home with 17 valentines while everyone else only had 16. Oh the injustice. :)

We got the kids little gifts for Valentine's Day morning. (Actually, I had picked them up on mega clearance and had them sitting in the closet waiting to be gifted!). The night before, I picked up this cute little cupcake doll at the thrift store and Belle just loves it! :)

We made more valentines that morning before we went to visit my parents. Belle drew this picture of Grammy.

 And Jackson colored this heart!

That's also a picture of Grammy. Seriously, I love his little handwriting. Not bad for a preschool! :)

I made these flowers for mom! They'll last longer and plus they were much for economical that real ones! :)

We met my dad for lunch and then we surprised Grammy at work to deliver the gifts! 

When Derek got off work, we dropped the kids off for a Valentine Party with Grandma Linda and Grandpa Forrest!

Derek and I didn't have plans to go out and were just going to celebrate with the kids, but Linda called earlier in the week inviting the kids over. So then I called Derek and said, "We need to make plans!" We went on a double date with friends last night and they joined us for our annual pizza tradition. We tried a new place and the pizza was delicious. It hit the spot! We had a great time. 

I love my hubby and I love my kiddos on Valentine's Day and every day! I am so blessed!


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