Sunday, March 30, 2014

Derek turned THIRTY!

On Wednesday of this week, Derek turned 30. Bring on the AARP flyers. You know how I feel about birthday surveys, but I knew better than to ask Derek to participate. This week was such a crazy week because I started a new job and then ended up sick. Our entire routine was flipped upside down and backwards, so unfortunately, I didn't get to celebrate his birthday as "big" as I'd hoped, but truth be told, Derek probably prefers it this way. I just love celebrating birthdays.

We went out to Oklahoma Joe's BBQ for dinner! Of course, it was delicious.

After dinner, Derek wanted to visit the music store and who am I to deny his birthday request. Clearly, Derek was in heaven. The store greeter did request that he not drool on the instruments.

Derek picked out a new surround sound system for the basement for his gift and after he got it all set up, we watched the Friends episode: The One Where They All Turn Thirty!

I took the kids to pick out a gift on Thursday. I asked for their input. Belle: Hugs! Jackson: A new car! They each picked out a new shirt. I figured they'd each feel special whenever they see Daddy wearing a shirt they picked. Belle picked out a "Captain 'Merica" shirt and Jackson picked a Kansas City Royals shirt. We had plans to go out to get individual little ice cream cakes from Dairy Queen that night, but I was just too sick to barely get out of bed, so we never actually celebrated with cake or ice cream. Maybe we can do it this week or next!

Derek had a group of guys over on Friday night to play poker and watch action movies with his new surround sound, which was the perfect opportunity to venture up to my parents for the evening! I know it's shocking, but Derek didn't take any photos while he was hanging out with the guys. Lame!

I have just a little over three weeks to tease Derek about being old before I join the ranks of thirty myself. Happy Birthday, old man! Love you!


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