Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Roller coasters

Roller coasters are Jackson's favorite thing to draw. Aside from drawing people, it's the only thing he'll draw... and he only draws people when prompted, so mostly it's just roller coasters. I'm pretty sure that every paper he has brought home from pre-school that involves markers has been roller coaster-fied. 

Lots and lots of roller coasters. 

A colorful roller coaster!

An extra large roller coaster!

I actually love looking in his backpack because every once in awhile, he brings home something he has made for me! I have been saving them (well, most, anyway... there was an envelope of cut up straws that I didn't keep around.) and I got a few out today and I just chuckled!

Roller coaster, roller coaster, roller coaster!

My favorite is the one on the left with the smiley face stickers! Kind of looks like passengers having a fun time!

Truthfully, I have thrown so many roller coasters drawings away without much thought, because truthfully, they aren't much more than scribbles! But I'm so glad I ended up finding several around the house so I could snap a few pics because it's something he has been so consistent with for so long! Who knows, maybe he'll grow up and be an engineer!


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