Sunday, March 16, 2014

Working for the Weekend

Derek has been at his new job now and is really liking it and I'm home with my kids and nephews, which is of course a blessing, so when I say we work for the weekends it's not that we don't like our jobs-- we just really like our weekends! :) We especially love the weekends after Derek's army weekend because we have two weeks worth of unwinding to do... and that's precisely what we did this weekend!

The weather was beautiful on Friday and the kids and I started yardwork early to cut back on what we'd need to do later. For the first time, the kids contributions were actually helpful! When Derek got home from work on Friday night, we decided to go out to eat-- and we ate out on the patio! It was a perfect evening out! 

Saturday morning, we headed out to the zoo for super hero day! I know I'm pretty biased, but Jackson and Belle were so cute! They were turning heads all over. There were plenty of cute super heroes keeping the zoo safe that day!

The conversation right before this photo:

Captain America: Who's your favorite hero?
Jackson (dressed as batman): Iron Man!
Captain America: Oh, bummer...

Jackson asked Captain America how he makes his shield always come back. Captain America had a great response-- "Well, lots of practice! Just like you have all of your batarangs that always come back!" And that is how Jackson knows these were REAL super heroes!

Jackson said "he forgot" to smile with Iron Man, which is ironic because he just told Captain America that Iron Man was his favorite. Even though I didn't capture a smile, Jackson did thing he was pretty cool.  Belle was really excited to see the superheroes until we actually met them.

Gearing up for our 5k in just two weeks, my sister-in-law and I went running on Saturday afternoon trying to do more outside running than treadmill running. Less than half a mile in, I somehow fell and sprained my ankle-- ouch. Mostly, I was worried about missing my 5k! I mean, when I started running in December, I couldn't even run one mile and it wasn't pretty! I obviously won't be breaking any records, but I want to compete just to know I can run the entire thing. I've been under the good care of my brother-in-law and the internet. Lots of icing, elevating, compressing, etc. Should be good in a few days. 

We still had fun stuff planned for Saturday night, so I didn't let my agonizing pain ankle mishap get in the way! Derek's whole side of the family planned to meet at our house to walk to the parade downtown. Everyone else walked while Derek drove me the half mile for curbside service. It was a fun parade-- but especially that we got to enjoy it with the whole family!

After the parade, we all ventured out to Chili's for dinner to celebrate Mary's birthday. For being a large group, our service was fantastic! Everyone had a great time being all together. This pic is blurry, but it's all of us-- Derek's parents, his brother and his family, our family, and great grandpa! 

And the birthday girl enjoyed some ice cream! I was too stuffed to be jealous. :)

Today has been less exciting. Poor Derek has been running this ship around here and he's exhausted. Belle was up in the middle of the night and both kids had accidents. His parents came over this afternoon and Linda helped start laundry and keep up with dishes and stuff all while I've just been on my hiney in different locations in the house. I'd be more fun if it wasn't painful. A friend loaned us some crutches, so I can finally do some things on my own without needed Derek for every little thing!

And this is how a twist of events can lead a man to look forward to going to work tomorrow morning! Waiting for the work week, perhaps? :)



  1. i'm so glad i came across your blog as i'm a new mom and always looking for advice or seeing how others are doing :) cant wait to read more!

  2. Oh looks like a fabulous weekend!!! good luck with your run!!! looking forward to hearing how it goes! The super hero photos and recount are just the cutest!!! :-)


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