Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter and Birthday Celebrations

This post could alternatively be titled, "The post with a kazillion pictures." It was really nice having my birthday so close to the holiday weekend because we got to spend so much time with family! The weather was amazing for all of our outside festivities and so it was just a great weekend. A perfect weekend, actually!

Jackson had his Easter egg hunt at school last week. I volunteered with my a few other parents to hide a couple hundred eggs for the morning preschool class. I love being able to participate with his school activities!

Jackson had so much fun hunting for eggs at school that he wanted to do more hunting at home, even though I told him all of the eggs would be empty. The kids loved it. And after they all searched for eggs took turns hiding. This is Belle hiding her eggs for me. Don't you love it?

Friday evening, we enjoyed a nice dinner on the patio at McAlister's Deli. There were three families outside, including ours, and we all had boys who ended up playing together on the steps and ledges of the patio. As we were leaving, I called out to Jackson that it was time to leave and both other boys looked up, too. Can you believe that all of the boys playing together had the same name? 

We ventured to a new park by accident after dinner and it was awesome. This will have it's own blog post sometime. We had a ton of fun and Jackson has been asking to go back ever since!

Saturday morning, the kids and I dyed eggs and headed off to the Easter egg hunt at church. Jackson was too fast and too busy to take fun photos of him hunting! :)

Belle was so excited to examine the contents of her eggs. She loved finding tootsie rolls, but was very disappointed when she found one with lose change. Oh, to be three! :)

We drove up to my parents house after naps. We did more egg hunting and enjoyed another meal outside. Have I mentioned that I love eating-outside weather? Dad grilled a steak, tilapia, and shrimp and Mom made her delicious oven potatoes, green bean casserole, and so many other tasty things for my birthday dinner. My tummy just growled thinking about it. Can it be my birthday again??

We played Phase 10 that night. I love playing games. 

 These two don't share my love for games, but they willingly participated. They weren't cooperating for a picture though and this is my dad saying, "This better not end up on the internet!" Oops? :)

Here's our official Easter 2014 picture. The kiddos got new flip flops from Grammy while we were at their house on Saturday night. Both insisted on wearing them on Sunday morning and I couldn't really think of a reason why they shouldn't, so here they are in their Sunday Best with their new shoes. 

 Here are the outtakes. My poor kids, they have no personality. Kidding of course! I love some of these as much as the proper picture!

We enjoyed Easter lunch over at my in-laws house and hung out there most of the day. Derek's Aunt Dixie and I shared a birthday cake, which was very tasty. 

My birthday was Monday and I took the kiddos to visit Derek's office for a picnic lunch. If you're counting, that's three outdoor meals in four days. LOVE IT! :)

Know what the kids loved? Derek's office. And who could blame them? I mean, with basketball hoops, a giant slide, video games, foosball and ping pong tables, and an entire dodgeball court... they have been practically asking to go to work with Daddy ever since. Derek did show us some of the big servers and other technical nerd stuff, but.... it's all pretty much over my head and so I just nod along. :)

One of our babysitters messaged me last week to ask if I'd like her to come watch the kiddos for a bit on my birthday. Of course I took her up on the offer and left to get a pedicure. It was so relaxing and quiet! The perfect gift! We went to dinner with Derek's side of the family that night at Olive Garden. Oh man, I love their salad and breadsticks. It was so yummy and the company was great! 

What a fun weekend! I've had a few extra naps this week to recover! 


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