Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gender Reveal Day!

Tomorrow is Gender Reveal day!!! I'm so excited. Somehow I feel like I've been dying to know for forever and then another part of me wonders how we are this far along already.  Everybody go ahead and pray that the baby is super active and not shy!

We are taking the kids to the appointment tomorrow. Jackson has actually asked to get to see an ultrasound after seeing pictures I've shown him from my pregnancy with him and with Belle and so I want him to have the opportunity. Belle probably couldn't care less and we will probably end up entertaining her with an ipad, but she'll be there too. Derek and I have both talked about how our only hope (besides the baby being cooperative) is that neither of the kids have a meltdown during the sonogram because one way or another, one of them will be disappointed. Jackson adamantly wants a brother, Isabelle desperately wants a sister who shall be named Minnie. 

More than just finding out the gender, I just love ultrasounds and getting to see the baby any chance I get. I haven't really noticed much movement lately, but I'm also still only 18 weeks, so it's nothing super alarming. But getting to hear the heartbeat and see our little baby always makes me feel relieved and I feel like I could just watch forever! Here's the last pic of baby #3 at six weeks:

cute, huh? 

Here are some gender predictions according to alternate (aka completely unreliable) sources:

  • Chinese Calendar: Girl 
  • Carrying Low: Boy
  • Heartbeat: Girl
  • Salty or Sweet Cravings: Boy 
  • Mood Swings: Girl
  • Morning Sickness: Boy

I feel it's important to note that the Chinese calendar has been wrong with both kids, so I feel as if it should automatically be predicted as a boy. Also, the salty and sweet cravings are kind of tricky because if choosing between the two, I definitely say salty. But in general, I just want bread. Not sure where that fits in!

Also, my dad has been a shockingly good predictor at guessing the gender. He hasn't given me an guess for this one, but I'll be sure to lock it in before we actually find out.

More exciting news is that tomorrow evening is the pre-sale of a local consignment sale and so I can't wait to go shopping for the baby right away!  I mean, isn't the whole point of finding out the gender so we can shop accordingly? :) Well, that and also plan sleeping arrangements and names. And mostly, so I can use proper pronouns without saying "it" or "him OR her".

Any guesses???


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