Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Midweek Date Night

Last night, Derek and I enjoyed a mid-week date night, which is something we rarely ever do! It was fun just to switch things up and do things differently. And the timing was perfect. Derek has a three day army drill this weekend and since he is missing a day of civilian work on Friday, he's working long days to make up the time!

So what we'd do? Well, pretty much what we do every date night-- dinner and a movie. But, it's our favorite thing to do, so it works for us!

First off, Dinner. Derek picked a new place and kept me in the dark until we pretty much pulled in the parking lot. And as we drove up, he said "It's a local, organic restaurant!" Of course, I was super impressed that he picked somewhere he knew I'd like for offering real (non-processed) food with natural ingredients! But inside I was secretly worried that I'd end up having to order a kale salad when all I wanted was a burger. Well, as it turns out-- I did get to order a burger. And cheese fries with crumbled bacon. It just happened to be a grass-fed, organic beef burger with an home-made egg bun. Real potatoes cooked in non-partially hydrogenated oil topped with real cheese and organic non-nitrate bacon.

And it was the best burger I've ever had. 

(Isn't my date such a hottie?)

And now about the movie. Last year, we payed for the AMC Stubs movie reward program. It did actually pay for itself after a few months because, like I mentioned, we see a lot of movies. Well, a local theater was recently renovated and the theater had an open-house of sorts for the local stubs members.

So the movie thing was pretty much the whole reason we even ventured out on a week night. And we had looked at the list of movies and had a three or four top pics. We couldn't get tickets in advance online, so it was really just a first come sort of thing. Divergent was sold out (sadness!) but then we realized that we could get in on the sneak preview of The Amazing Spiderman 2... which isn't even officially released until Friday!

I was feeling all sorts of cool felt all cool with a free movie, free popcorn, free drinks... and then it hit me-- we only got invited to this thing because we paid for a membership. Ha! But Who cares? It was cool. (And then suddenly I truly understood the concept and motivation behind every fraternity and sorority to ever have existed!) To be fair, not all AMC locations offer this sort of thing. It was just a one-time thing to debut the new seats and screens. Plus, the perks tallied up to to more than we paid for membership... so can we still be cool?

I mean, I'm looking pretty cool, right? 

(Are you judging me because you just saw a picture of the dinner I ordered and here I am with another drink and popcorn? Just remember that I'm growing a human. Are you???)

The movie didn't get over until after 10:30, which is basically the time I am crawling into bed these days, but it was such a fun thing to do! We watched the movie in 3D and that's something we never ever pay extra to do, and it was actually really cool! The movie was really good, too! Plus, it's practically the first movie of the forthcoming summer blockbusters- my favorite movie season!

And lastly, because I know that you are all just dying to know the history of AMC and cinema multiplexes... You'll be delighted to hear that AMC, headquartered in here in Kansas City, debuted their multiplex screen at Ward Parkway in the 1960s. It was the first of it's kind-- to offer two different movies on different screens at the same theater. The concept revolutionized the way we see movies today-- and it all started right here! If you're ever in town, you should make a trip to the downtown library to check out the replica theater they have in the basement, along with some cool old memorabilia and more detail on the cinema history!

Also, AMC just happens to be a really cool set of initials! :)


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