Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Being Three

Three year olds: the highs are high. The lows are lows. Being pregnant with a three year old in the house is a good way to feel super confident for bringing another cute, sweet little person into the world one minute. And then the next, you feel like a complete crazy person for signing up for this gig another time around.

Belle has the capacity to be the sweetest little person on the entire planet and sometimes makes me stop dead in my tracks from what can diagnosed simply as "heart melting into goo."

Like the time we were in the check-out line at the grocery store and Belle wouldn't quit saying how much she loved me. Over and over. The surrounding ladies were completely smitten with her.

But when things get ugly around here, boy do they get UGLY. It's to the point where my parents (who think all of my off-spring are perfect angels who do no wrong) have finally seen and will acknowledge that I don't make things up when I call to tell them what is happening in our house.

Like the times when Belle stomps her feet, screams the loudest closed-mouth scream she can muster, and storms off into her room because she has to take turns. 

In my sweet little girl's defense, being three is hard. She wants to sit without a booster, but can barely see above the table. She wants a big fork like the rest of us, even though it's practically the size of her forearm. She's got a big brother who bosses her around and she's about to be shifted right into middle child. Life can be rough. Also, she doesn't sleep. We've tried short naps, early naps, no naps. This girl can keep herself awake for hours, in complete darkness, in her bed with no toys, and not fall asleep.

Like the time I kept checking to make sure she was in bed and she was rehearsing the entire movie of Frozen, practicing her rhyming words, and having other miscellaneous conversations for THREE HOURS! She talked for three hours without stopping before falling asleep after 11pm. Unbelievable. 

Congress should hire her for a filibuster. Is that something she can get paid for? It'll help with the cost of diapers. I've tried every trick in the book to get her onboard the potty train.
If you use the potty, you can be a big girl! Don't you want to be a big girl? Nope. I already did! {once!} I am a big girl.  
If you use the potty, you can get a special toy from the potty toy bag! No thanks, I already have toys! 
Do you want to wear your big girl Minnie panties today? No, I just want a diaper today. 
Belle may be in diapers well into elementary school simply because she lacks motivation. To do anything. Well, anything that requires even the tiniest iota of work. But she is an expert in being polite about it and excusing herself from participating in whatever chore or task we may me working on.
It's time to pick up the front room. I think I'll just sit instead. 
Help us clean up, please! No thanks. I don't want any money.  
I need you to help Mommy. But I want to cuddle, Mom. I just really like you!
See what I mean about sweet? She crawls into bed in the morning, snuggles, and wants to "pat" the baby. And just last week, she snuggled with me on the couch and started singing a song to the baby. Most of the words captured on this video are jibberish, but she was saying things like, "I love you baby. Can you come out?"


Sure there are challenges with living with a three-year-old, but there are so many fun parts that I'm just not ready to wish away yet! The way Belle chooses her ice cream flavor as anything that's pink. The way she insists that the shape of a star is called "Starfish" and that the American flag is actually the "Captain America Flag." The way she snuggles in bed with me each morning and the way she feels Daddy's cheek for scratchies before she gives kisses. It's so fun! :)

Let no FroYo go to waste!

Okay, well, I don't feel bad wishing away the part about changing her diapers. She's welcome to become potty trained any day and I won't look back!


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