Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jackson's Preschool Graduation

Tonight was Jackson's preschool graduation. On any other day, I'll give you an earful about how our society overemphasizes non-achievements (such as preschool graduations, medals for everyone, etc...), but not today. We were excited to celebrate this little guy tonight! His "hard work" and big improvement over the year was his participation in performing activities, like doing motions to songs or stories. Plus, earlier today I watched him read some (very short, very simple) books on his own. It deserves a celebration, don't you think? :)

 I quickly thought to take a pic of both kiddos right before we went in and I ended up with my new favorite pic! If you look close, you can see my brown-eyed boy and my blue-eyed gal! 

Jackson performed a few songs with his class. I made sure to have a full battery on my phone before graduation, but I didn't check my storage! Unfortunately, I ran out of room for videos on my phone and so I only have a few pics. Fortunately, most parents were videoing as well and one agreed to send me a file of his video! 

The first song they sang was "Where is Thumbkin" and Jackson was absolutely hilarious with his concentration on getting his ring finger to cooperate. In this next pic, he is wearing sunglasses during a song about driving a car. It was cute. 

Getting his certificate from his teachers!

We're proud of this guy!

I asked him at dinner about his favorite thing about preschool. His answer: recess! Play is a child's work, they say... in which Jackson worked VERY hard this year. 


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