Friday, May 16, 2014

Mom Selfies, aka Melfies!

At the beginning of the month, a favorite blogger of mine started a new challenge in honor of Mother's Day. The concept is simple-- get in the pics WITH your kiddos instead of just snapping and sharing tons pics OF only the kids.  I love the convenience of having a nice camera on my cell phone because I just love snapping "every day" pics. I take lots of pics capturing our life, not just picture perfect moments. I share a tons of pictures here on this blog and my friends and family will say to me time to time, "we'd love to see you in some pictures!" So, I decided to have fun and challenge myself to some selfies this week, which really aren't my thing, but when it's a mom-selfie it becomes pretty fun! 

There were prizes involved for participating, but I had fun doing this even though I didn't win. I sort of feel like I did win though, because looking back at the pics I took over the past couple of weeks makes me smile. As I was thinking back over the last two weeks, I recalled some of the big things we had going on (like Mother's Day and Jackson's graduation) but my thoughts on the every day life was that it was busy and chaotic... and that life is an exhausting challenge of three-year-old attitude and five-year-old energies right now. Yet, looking through these pictures shows a completely different story-- so many moments of smiles, silly faces, and kisses! These are the things I want to remember and these are the pictures that I want my kids to see-- that I love being their mommy and we always have lots of fun! 

Mommy Kisses

Smiles en route to drop Jackson at preschool!

"I'm a princess cowboy, Mommy. Will you be my horse??"

Outdoor Reading!

Oh man, this was snuggle time after a very exhausting day. (Remember, I'm pregnant, so every day pretty much feels exhausting.) 

Me and my daytime gang! Two kiddos, two nephews!

Every night at bedtime, I'll ask Belle if she wants one kiss or one hundred. She'll always say one hundred. 

Easter picture outtakes

Last day of preschool-- the kiss was his idea! 

I had fun trying to be creative with our daily pic trying to capture moments that told a story and weren't just cramming into a picture. I only managed nine out of fifteen days, but I'm so glad I did this! I even enjoyed browsing through the pictures that other people were submitting-- you can check it out here!

Are you on instagram? Let me know and we can be insta-friends!!! Follow me here or comment and tell me your instagram handle. I can assure you there will be much fewer pics of me coming up, though I'm going to try to remember to sneak in a picture or two from time to time!



  1. Love these! I hardly ever take "melfies" (I like that name!), but I need to try to do it more. Following you on Instagram now!

  2. I love these! And what a great challenge for ALL of us to remember

  3. Great pictures with the kiddos. Found this gem at #mommymoments ! "She'll always say one hundred"- LOVE THAT!


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