Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Recap

Yesterday was a wonderful day! Derek and the kids did a great job of making me feel special and appreciated. The kids had flowers waiting for me when I got home from work on Thursday night. I love them!

Jackson and Derek prepared Sunday lunch on Saturday afternoon. and yesterday morning, Derek made breakfast and the kiddos helped. As we sat down to eat our breakfast, Jackson said, "I think it's time for you just to do stuff for us for the rest of the day!" :) Derek's parents joined us for lunch and I enjoyed a nice afternoon nap! For dinner, we packed a picnic and spent the evening at the park. It was a beautiful day! We topped off the evening with some frozen yogurt. Yum! 

My favorite part of the day was during church and Jackson was sitting in "big church" with us. The last worship song happened to be the song that he performed with his choir last week and so he was eager to sing along. Hearing him sing next to me during worship, that was my favorite part.

In an interview about me, here's what Jackson had to say. His words are underlined. 
My mom is 30 years old and she weighs 55 pounds. She likes to play Candy Crush. The best thing that she cooks is la-zombie. Her favorite food is celery. Her favorite way thing to do to relax is don't let kids bother her and have alone time. We like to play Mario Wii and snuggle together. She is really good at golf. As you can see, my mom is special because she has a baby in her tummy
And here's Belle's version.
My mom is 15 years old and she weighs 8 pounds. She likes to read books to me. The best thing that she cooks is Goldfish. Her favorite food is pasta. Her favorite way thing to do to relax is change my diaper. We like to drop off Jack at school together. She is really good at swimming. As you can see, my mom is special because Just Because!
Ha. This is cracking me up. Maybe if my favorite food was celery, I'd weigh about as much as they guessed. Also, I have never in my life played golf, so that's interesting! I do like to relax with alone time, but changing diapers is definitely NOT relaxing. I do like to snuggle, play the Wii, and read books to my kids. That's the important stuff that I'm glad they got righty! :)

I hope you had a great Mother's day celebrating the mothers in your life! I am hoping to get to the movies next week with my mom to see Mom's Night Out!


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  1. Hahahahaha! Maybe some people find changing diapers therapeutic??? I'm certainly not one of them! Glad you had a happy Mother's Day!


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