Saturday, May 10, 2014

This past week!

What was going to be a recap post from last weekend will now be a recap post from our entire week! It was a busy one for sure. But full of fun and productivity, too!  

Friday night, I cheered on the Royals with some friends!

Firework Friday! The best part of going on a Friday night. Aside from the $1 hotdogs.

Saturday, we celebrated Great Grandma's 80th birthday up in Richmond! It was a beautiful day for a picnic.

Belle was in dire need of a hair cut! It looks so cute with a lot of the fine, baby hair trimmed off the bottom. 

And we went ahead and took advantage of the haircut sale and got a nice short cut for Jackson for the summer! He makes such a funny face the entire time.

Our little librarian on Sunday morning- scowl and everything! It may seem as if she never smiles from the few pictures of her, but that's not true. She just doesn't smile on demand and she pretty much does whatever you don't want her to do... so that explains it. Three is fun, isn't it?? 

This bucket of water was a highlight of the week. The kids "washed" the car, the cooked soup (as pictured), they watered flowers. This went on for TWO DAYS. Can you believe it?

While the kids played with water, I painted all of the interior doors of the house. This, along with painting the bathroom really took up most of my week. Aside from the usual household tasks and three days of work!

Friday, one of our babysitters offered to come over and watch the kiddos for a couple of hours-- out of the blue! It was such a treat. I celebrated by getting bangs, eating lunch alone and uninterrupted, and with a little shopping! The perfect end to my long week!

Friday night, Jackson's school had a carnival. He talked about the carnival all week long and it didn't disappoint! The kids fed a camel. 

Rode ponies

And played with bubbles. Isn't this the coolest pic? 

And after the carnival we headed straight to t-ball practice! Today was a nice family day and Derek and I snuck out for an afternoon date to check out a new shopping area and theater close by.  I know it was just last week that I was raving about the reclining leather seats, but these theater seats take awesome to an entirely new level.

That sums up our week! The rest of the month I am super busy at work, but we also have some fun things going on-- like a little preschool graduation this week. 


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