Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eight Years

Eight years. EIGHT YEARS! How did we get here? 

With certainty, I can say that I loved him with all of my heart the day we said, "I do." But as the years have passed that love has grown and grown so much more! 

For richer not-so-poor or for poorer, in sickness and in health. Through career changes and grad schools. Skiing down mountains, walking along the beach. Welcoming babies one and two and preparing for number three! Basic training, AIT, monthly guard duty, annual training! The good times and hard times-- we've learned to love a bit more and more along the way.

Spending the anniversary apart isn't ideal, but it's okay. We've been here a few times before and most likely will celebrate apart in the future. But that's okay. Because we still have each other even when we communicate via phone calls and text messages! Plus, he managed to get some espinaca dip delivered and waiting for me when I returned home from picking the kids up from VBS! Does he know the way to this pregnant woman's heart, or what?!? 

When I called to thank him he said, "Isn't the 8th anniversary present queso?" Haha. If not, it totally should be! I'm up for the change. Who wants pottery or bronze anyway???

Here's a collection of my favorite wedding pics! 


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