Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

Can you believe I didn't take a picture of Derek and the kids yesterday? I must have been really out of it! We'll just have to make up for it soon. Derek will be so excited. :)

I took the kids to get their pictures taken for Derek's Father's Day gift. The last time they've had their pictures taken in a studio was two years ago for the same gift and so it was overdue! And I got around to getting Belle's two three three-and-a-half pics taken! I have a hard time justifying pricey pics when I take about a bazillion all of the time. I love how they turned out and they'll look great on Dad's desk at work! 

Jack helped put together these surveys for Derek and his grandpas. I found the survey template online, but was too lazy to try replace ink cartridges, so I just did it by hand. I love how they turned out and how Jack's handwriting looks. 

My favorite is that Derek tells the kids he loves them everyday-- and that the kids listen!

I think a topic for discussion regarding our Grandpa's is that they always say, "Yes." Remember how accommodating they can be? Honestly, I was a bit impressed with how perceptive Jackson's answers were with really knowing some of everyone's favorite things. As opposed to how Belle answered all of her favorite things, such as favorite food being goldfish. The truth is though, that if Belle's favorite food is goldfish, the grandpa's probably agree because she convinced them with her baby blue eyes. 

Overall, we had a great, simple and relaxed weekend! Derek got home on Friday, but he had to wake up early for another half day of army work-- including a pt test that earned him his top score. We enjoyed some family time in the afternoon, which included a much anticipated promised trip to the swimming pool. What is it about kids having no thermostat when it comes to swimming? I sat with my toes in the water while wearing a light hoodie while the kids splashed and played. Later that night, Derek and I enjoyed a nice date. 

Our Father's Day celebrations were simple, which basically just consisted of more family time. Derek went over to his parents to "watch" the NASCAR race for a bit in the afternoon (watch = nap) and we got together with Derek's extended family for dinner at Great Grandpa's. 

We are super thankful for the great dad's and grandpa's in our lives, on Father's Day and every day!


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