Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Jackson's First Haircut

Obviously, we're not talking about Jackson's GETTING his first haircut-- that was years ago. This time, I'm talking about his first attempt at GIVING a haircut.

I don't think it's a secret how I feel about bangs for Belle. Nothing about bangs is alluring to me-- especially the upkeep like fixing them or getting them trimmed. During an unfortunate instagramming-during-her-first-haircut experience, Belle ended up with some bangs and when we made it to the salon again last month, I was sure to be attentive and we made it out without any bangs! Whoo hoo! Granted, her bangs weren't quite grown yet and were known to be a bit unruly. But, her side sweep was cute and they were pretty manageable!

This was my last pic before "the incident." She was doing her best to not give me a smile for a pic to text to Derek.

A couple of weeks ago (on my anniversary, no less!) I came into the kitchen to find that Jackson had taken it upon himself to give Belle a haircut.

Of course I was really a bit agitated, but mostly just really, really sad. Oh so sad. 

Fortunately, I found support on facebook... because this really is the kind of thing you need a support group for... especially when my hubby is unavailable by phone all day while he's down at army training! But there were several comments that at least it was a straight cut. And yes, in this picture it is... however, this is not how her hair lies naturally (this is a early morning bed-head).  So unfortunately, the new haircut looks pretty bad most of the time. 

Before I rushed off to the salon to get her bangs fixed, I wanted to assess the damage-- to see how they looked with her hair done different ways and to see how manageable they'd be if I just attempted to grow them out (again). 

The good news is that I have found a way to more or less "hide" the damage by switching her part from the left side to the right side and using the long bangs to sweep over the short bangs. This works and looks great right when I fix her hair and if she doesn't ever move. 

The reason the haircut was so upsetting is that we had father's day portraits scheduled for the next day, but as you can see, it's hidden pretty well!

Her "everyday" look doesn't bode so well, but we're making due. This first pic is the best shot I have of how her bangs now lay these days. 

(side note: she called herself Jasmine the entire day at the pool that day and I was so confused. She's typically Belle and sometimes Cinderella (or Wonder Woman). Eventually, I realized that she was referring to her tummy showing and therefor was Jasmine.)

She wears a pony tail most days with a barrette to help keep the long bangs covering up the short ones. Her hair is so fine that her whole head pretty much looks like a hot mess, so her bangs really don't seem that different. 

I branched out this weekend to put some braids in her hair. 

If I could get her whole head of hair to cooperate with switching the part from one side to the next, we'll be in good shape. I'm not having much luck, but that's what I'm trying to do! If not, we'll just have awkward photos for the next several months. When the shortest bangs get to be a tiny bit longer, we probably will go in and get a professional fix. 

Oh, and where's Jackson in the rest of this? Well, it's safe to say that I was pretty upset at first and I thought I made it pretty clear that there is no haircutting in our house. However, I didn't sink in as I had imagined as I found him with the scissors again and he simply acknowledged that he was "only" pretending to cut Belle's hair this time. (SERIOUSLY?!) And then he whined the whole way through Target that I was buying Belle new things (barrettes) and he wasn't getting anything new. He is really oblivious to the whole-cutting-Belle's-hair incident was bad, because "Well, she just really needed a haircut mom!" 

Let's just hope he doesn't decide to practice being a surgeon or something. That'd be bad. 


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  1. Love this! She is a cutie! I'll cross my fingers that my little boy doesn't take scissors to his sister's hair any time soon. :) #mommymoments


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