Sunday, June 8, 2014

Memorial Day Camping Trip

Once upon a Memorial Day weekend, we went camping. Yet a few weeks have passed and I haven't gotten around to sharing about our fun outdoor adventure. Here's what happened: Our goal was to keep our phones away as much as possible and we did, which was actually really nice! I knew I'd want to use my phone a little bit to take some pictures, but I found myself just really in the mood to enjoy it and not take a ton of pictures. The whole break from our phones and computers stuck around for a bit even after we got home and so here I am now a few weeks later finally catching up.

We had so a great time camping. The kids helped pitch the tent, we cooked over the campfire. The kids made a ton of new friends at the playground right behind our campsite. The kids rode bikes and scooped dirt into buckets. We spent a couple of hours cooped up in the tent dodging the thunderstorm that came through. We roasted marshmallows and enjoyed s'mores-- it was a typical camping experience!

Here are the very few pictures I snapped.

Jack had a ton of fun playing in the trees. They were bases on a baseball field and a battle zone for getting bad guys. 

Music around the campfire! 

Bike riding!

Learning to play Go Fish by the light of the lantern. 

Daddy and Jack fishing

Going camping was actually a lot of work. Too much work for this pregnant woman so I know we won't be going out again this summer. But we had a wonderful time enjoying the outdoors as a family and I can't wait to plan another camping trip maybe next summer, for sure. 

It was a great break from our typical routine and even though we were less than 20 miles from home, it felt like we were really far away! The kids loved the outdoors and created a lot of their own fun. They didn't love the work of setting up camp, washing dishes, or even the patience it took to wait for dinner to cook, but it's a great for them to experience daily tasks "the old-fashioned" way. In fact, it was good for me, too!

The best part is the memories we have with the kids, even if I don't have a ton of pics to look back through! The kids still talk about it and have asked to do it again, which is what makes the experience a success in my book!


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