Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our Officially Summer Kick-Off

We had a weekend full of our first official summer fun! Friday night, we hung out with friends at a birthday party. Jackson played kickball and dodgeball with the older kids while Belle and her little friends picked "flowers" in the same field completely oblivious to the big kids. It was fun to watch them both! Late Friday night, Derek and I snuck out for a late date after the kiddos were asleep. Espinaca dip is a totally delicious bedtime snack! 

Jackson was looking forward to his pictures and his first tball game. He blasted into our room at 6:30am insisting that we needed to get up and ready so we wouldn't be late for either. I was already ready for a nap before our 8:20 am picture session. 

Jackson and his cousin, Gabe, are on the same team! A good lookin' set of boys, if I do say so myself!

Game time!

The kids enjoyed a super fun pool party in the afternoon for my nephews, Gabe and Eli. I love this pic of ALL of the kids, looking, and smiling. I feel like there should be some sort of award. I enjoyed visiting with everyone at the party as much as the kids enjoyed playing with all of their little friends.

This morning, we said goodbye to Daddy as he heads out for a couple weeks of army training down in Arkansas....which Jackson informed us today that some people used to argue that it should be pronounced Ar-kansas (like adding the 'ar' sound to the beginning of the pronunciation of the state Kansas). I love his little random facts of information he brings up! :)

After church and lunch over at the in-laws, the kids and I spent the afternoon at the pool. This park is literally across the street and behind our neighbors house. The kids are pretty stoked about spending many summer days here!

Summer must be exhausting! This picture seriously has had me laughing out loud multiple times today. Jackson fell asleep on the couch the moment we walked home from the pool. I asked him to get off the couch because he is notorious for rolling over and going back to sleep (and also staying up late if he naps at all during the day). I left to get Belle out of her swimsuit and came back to this. He sure didn't make it far off the couch! Belle fell asleep the moment she sat down, too. I let them nap for about 15 minutes and then I had to use hard-core snack bribes to get them to wake up! 

I'm so glad summer is here! Last summer I was so busy finishing my internship and school that I feel like I missed so many of the super fun summer things-- like we missed the library programs, never went swimming, or even visited a sprayground. We're all set to make up for it this year-- and we're looking forward to it!


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  1. You most certainly do deserve an award for getting that many kids to look at the camera and smile at the same time! I can barely get my three kids looking at the camera at the same time! That waterpark looks amazing! I'm sure y'all will have a lot of fun there this summer! And that last picture is just hilarious!


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