Sunday, June 22, 2014

Take me out to the ball game

In the middle of last week, we were offered some tickets by some generous friends to the Royals game for Friday night. Taking Jack to a game has been something we have been meaning to do, but just never got around to making it happen. I am so glad we were able to go this weekend. Jack was overflowing with excitement all day and I had the best time absorbing it all! 

While running some early morning errands, Jack requested two very specific snacks for the game... how could I resist? He told everyone at the store about going to the game!

(Kauffman Stadium has an awesome outside food policy. The only restrictions are on liquids and drink containers. We always take snacks!)

We made signs in the afternoon. Jack really did do most of the work himself. I helped add pressure as he was writing, but he wrote all of the letters! And he made the baseballs in the "o"s all by himself. 

Showing off his signs to the sold-out stadium (including the celebrities in town for the Children's Mercy fundraiser. Thanks for hosting Paul Rudd!).

Jack's excitement was enough to keep me from realizing that we were going to a baseball on the hottest day yet to come this year... as I am days away from entering the third trimester. Derek brought me back this pint of ice cream during the 5th inning-- Jack and I are smiling because we finished off every last bite!

Before the game, we met up with my parents and traded Belle for Papa Johne. We knew he'd enjoy the game much more than she would. Look at my handsome men in blue! :)

The game was a bit disappointing as we handed over a win to the Mariners in the 8th inning, but there were a few very exciting innings earlier in the game. And boy was Jack enthusiastic. I did capture a few pics, but it doesn't quite reveal the dancing and cheering that went on for well over 2-3 minutes. 

We were getting excited because we had bases loaded and one out! 

Things didn't go so well after his and Jack was giving out great pointers to the players-- if only they could hear him! It was Firework Friday, so we did get to enjoy a good display after the game! 

 The next morning, we had to wake Jackson up so he could be in his first parade float with his t-ball team! 

Jack is having a ton of fun with his team and is doing very well. He loves to play and practice. Sometimes he'll play ball with different people here and there and can actually do a good job of batting, even when the ball is pitched (as opposed to using a tee). Next year, we'll probably skip the next level of t-ball and move to machine pitch. 

At his game this past week, he actually hit a home run! It wasn't out of the park, but it went clear in the outfield and he was running home by the time the other team got the ball back to the infield! He was so proud. Technically, there are no home runs in t-ball, so the coaches had him go back to second base, but it wasn't until after he got to run all the way home, which all that really mattered. It was so exciting! 

I'm headed to another Royals game on Friday with the ladies ministry from church. Hopefully it's cooler than Friday's game. It'll probably be the last one while I'm pregnant with this baby. The heat and the walking is enough to wear me out for days! 


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