Tuesday, July 15, 2014

30 weeks

We're getting so close to the end of this pregnancy! My appointments are now every two weeks, more baby things are happening, and baby preparation is in full swing. I figured I'd keep my pregnancy posts in line with the frequency of my appointments.

I don't have a specific 30 week pic, but this is a candid pic my sister took last week-- I feel like I'm enormous! 

How far along?: 30 weeks
How big is your baby?: 3 pounds, and almost 15.5 inches long!
Total weight gain?: 25ish pounds, I think. My weight gain is slowing down from the last two months (thank goodness!) and have only been gaining 1 pound a week for the last few weeks. Hopefully, I don't have too much more to gain in the last 10 weeks! :)
Sex: Baby GIRL! We've seen her twice, so we're pretty confident!
Maternity clothes: All the time and I'm just hoping I can make it through the next few months without needing to bigger maternity clothes. 
Sleep: Over the past week, I have felt the wave of third trimester sleepiness. Thankfully, I sleep pretty soundly at night! 
Symptoms: Some braxton hicks contractions, round ligament pain, and just other as-to-be-expected pregnancy issues. Fortunately, nothing to serious and nothing that is too debilitating.  
Stretch marks: Yes. :( 
Movement: Lots and lots. Especially when I eat a meal that I've been particularly craving, which is humorous to me! Like, she was really having my cravings, too! 
Best moment this week: This is the hardest one. Derek and I had a baby name conversation and so that's worth mentioning. We have ideas, but nothing concrete. My sister came home from seven weeks in East Asia and we also worked really hard to move all of Belle's things to her new shared room, I dressed like a cow, and we bought the remaining baby gear items like a high chair, carseat, and bouncer!
Food cravings: Pancakes. And cereal. 
Labor signs: Nothing real. Thank goodness. 
Belly button in or out: Still depends on if I'm inhaling or exhaling, though it's become more flat than anything.
What I miss: Fitting in bathroom stalls. 
What I'm looking forward to:  Meeting my baby girl! But before that, I'm excited to get her room ready and get all of her little clothes organized. 

Here are pics from last week when we welcomed Laura home!

My kids each drew a picture of them with Aunt Laura and we decorated her room.

The kids were instructed to keep the decorations a surprise. But on the way home, Belle was telling her all about the "party" in her room, but then added at the end, "but it's surprise, so I'm not going to tell you. Nope, I'm not going to tell you!" 


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