Thursday, July 17, 2014

Another T-ball Trophy!

We finished up another season of t-ball this week and Jackson earned another trophy. I know that eventually he'll have to work hard to earn more than just a participation trophy, but it's so fun for now to watch him boast with pride with his growing trophy collection! His favorite thing about this season is that the coach gave them gum whenever they played outfield. Oh, and the time he hit a home run. 

Jackson loves to play ball and watches to practice and play every single day. Derek even spray painted bases on the grass in our back yard at one point this summer. Otherwise, we'll use a ball gloves, trees, branches, miscellaneous toys-- anything than can be a makeshift ball field! Jackson has become very knowledgable about the game itself and can get into a ballgame, even if it's on tv. We've even been reading books lately on the KC Royals and learning about legendary players like George Brett and Bo Jackson. 

Even though the season is over, Jackson is far from putting down hit bat and glove. He desperately wants to make it to a batting cage to practice some machine pitches. Hopefully Derek will be able to take him in the next week or two! 


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