Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day! 

Jackson has been learning about the reason we celebrate Independence Day this week. Earlier this week, he asked Derek, "Daddy, did you fight in the war when we became America?" Haha. We're not THAT old. 

When Belle got dressed this morning, she said, "I'm the American flag!!!" 

My kids were highly anticipating America Day and the day didn't disappoint. Grandpa Forrest invited Jack to spend the day with him to go fishing and other guy stuff while Grandma Linda invited Belle to go shopping and out for ice cream. While the kids were off having fun, Derek and I spent hours and hours sanding, priming, and painting Jack's room. 

We spent the evening with friends and family. The kids played baseball against the Dads (and Grandma Linda) for hours. I was having too much fun watching to get up and take a picture. The kids, even Belle, were actually hitting the pitched balls and it was a decent matchup.

We enjoyed a 360° fireworks display over in Aunt Mary and Uncle Brad's neighborhood. Thanks to some awesome ear protection, Jackson enjoyed fireworks for the first time... which then, of course, made my night more enjoyable! 

It was a great day. So great that both kids actually requested to come home and go to bed, which has never happened before!  We've been having some amazing July temperature lately, too. When was the last time you heard a pregnant woman say that?!? Though the days are warm (not hot) the mornings and evenings are quite cool and I just love being outside-- especially when I need a light jacket. I'd be one happy lady to have this weather the rest of July and August!

Today and everyday, I'm proud to be an American and am so thankful for our freedoms! Happy Birthday America!


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