Sunday, July 6, 2014

The time Belle got a tic tac stuck up her nose

As most people often do, Derek and I have a fairly predictable seat in the worship service at church and for the past several years, we've been sitting towards the back. It started when Jackson was a baby and I would need to sneak out to feed him during service; the back just allowed me to be more discreet and less distracting. Jackson has started joining us for "big church" and is still learning the concepts of being still and quiet, so the back is the best place for us to be.

Plus, it's super easy for the nursery workers to come find us if they need us, which happens from time to time: crying kids, getting sick, having accidents. Well, today, as church was ending, I got that tap on my shoulder. Visions of a vomiting mess or a bathroom accident flooded my thoughts for a quick five seconds before I was informed of what was going on downstairs.

Belle had a tic tac stuck up her nose.

Upon entering her room in the nursery, I was greeted with, "I stuck a tic tac up my nose. It's stuck!" from my happy little girl. When asked why she did it, "Just because." We tried to have to her blow, but she would only sniff instead, so we opted to come home, consult Dr. Google along with some friends and family to see what we could do about this tic tac. If anything, we learned that we are far from the first to be faced with the same dilemma.

We tried the most suggested tips such as blowing into her mouth, using a bulb syringe, and even squirting a little water to see if it'd dissolve. Nothing worked. And so, we added a quick trip to urgent care this afternoon to get the tic tac removed.

Her charm levels were approaching 100% this afternoon. Everyone was smitten with her as she told them all about her life, her toys, the tic tac. She welcomed the doctor into the room saying, "I stuck a tic tac in my nose. I did it all by myself. We here because my mom and dad don't know how to do it." 

She ended up getting squirted with some medicated nasal spray to open up the airway.... which ended up being enough to loosen it up so it could fall out. Talk about some expensive nasal spray! 

Any annoyance that Derek may have been feeling was minimized with the fact that Belle chose to bring along a Ninja Turtle, correctly named him, and ended up picking a Ninja Turtle sticker instead of a princess one. Priorities! The doctor loved her little personality and told us that she's likely to grow up and become a CEO of some company. I loved hearing that! Often times cute little girls get told they'll grow up to be beautiful and princesses, instead of real career options. It reminded me of the #likeagirl campaign going around the internet and I loved how the doctor chose her words to compliment her in a meaningful way. 

All in all-- we're healthy, a little less poor, but ultimately blessed! I'm a bit more concerned about the poor teenage boy who volunteers in the nursery with his mom-- he's the same one who was closest to Belle when she got sick in the nursery this winter. Hopefully he doesn't quit! And hopefully he won't be too scarred to eventually have kids of his own!


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