Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's Football Season!

Ladies and Gentlemen-- it's football season! Sure it's only pre-season, but the season kicked off this week and we're a happy household! It couldn't have come at a better time as this was undoubtedly a crappy week at work and ending my work week at Arrowhead was the perfect medicine!

Derek and I enjoyed a wonderful date night watching the Chiefs beat the Bengals on Thursday night. We actually had great seats courtesy of Jack winning a pair of tickets from the Kansas City Chiefs Kids Club. I was so disappointed when I realized he would be camping with his grandparents and unable to go! But, not so disappointed that I wasn't going to let perfectly good tickets to go waste. Don't worry-- we bought Jackson a ticket to tag along with his grandparents later this month so he will still get the stadium experience!

The kids haven't been without some special treatment from the Chiefs, though! Several weeks ago, the Kids Club hosted a special event at Arrowhead Stadium and the kids had a blast. There were bounce houses, places to practice kicking and throwing the football, and even reasonable "family-priced" concessions. :)

Of course, meeting KC Wolf is always cool. He's a great mascot, but out of costume, he's also a great Christian speaker.

Jack tried on some football gear. :)

And the kids met some cheerleaders!

One of my children was in a better mood than the other. Can you guess? 

The World Championship Game (pre-super bowl) Trophy

The locker room- Jack was SO happy to find Eric Berry's name and number. Unfortunately it was empty, but it was still his favorite part of the evening. 

We got to go hang out on the field!

And the main event (as if all of this other cool stuff wasn't cool enough) was watching a movie on the big jumbotron. It was a beautiful evening and so aside from being a little uncomfortable from laying down on the field for an hour and a half, the whole night was wonderful!

We can't wait to cheer on our Chiefs this season! We're looking forward to another winning season... and hopefully a better playoff experience than last year. (I'm still not ready to talk about that game, so please don't bring it up.) Go CHIEFS! :)


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