Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Reading Rockstars

We did it!!! It took us until the last week of the summer reading program, but WE DID IT! We completed the Super Duper summer reading goal and completed FIVE lists of books we've read this summer. For the first three lists, the kids earned prize books. But then, Jackson was super eager to get to the 5th "level" (according to the decorations in the kid area) and to earn a certificate. Five lists equals 120 books in the last two months! Needless to say, we've been reading a lot and my living room has looked like a mini barnes and noble as of late.

The important thing to note here is that this is a list of 120 different books, so it doesn't even count the bazillion (yes, it's a real number!) times I read Pinkalicious or Curious George Plays Baseball. I kind of think I deserve a certificate, too! But as a mom, having kids that love to read and for them to be so excited about reading challenges is pretty much winning in itself. 

Plus, I made Jackson practice writing... which was pretty much torture. I'm all for natural learning experiences- no need to have practice writing pages when there's actual writing waiting to be done! And I say it's not bad for a guy who hasn't even started Kindergarten yet. 

I'm hoping to get a post together in the next week or two of our favorite books from this summer! As a mom who has read over 120 children's book in the last two months, I can say with certainty, all books are not created equal. 


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  1. I love summer reading programs! And that's awesome that Jackson wrote the names of all of the books by himself! We got tickets to the Renaissance Faire from our library. I can't wait to go!


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