Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer Recap!

School starts on Tuesday! It feels like we were just kicking off summer a few weeks ago! In terms of being pregnant, this summer has been absolutely amazing. I mean, so far it's labeled the 5th coolest summer on record and we haven't even broken 100*. In terms of having lots of fun with the kids-- it's been absolutely amazing, too! When we weren't busy reading a ton of books, attending VBS, playing t-ball and going to baseball games, or getting tic tacs out of Belle's nose-- we kept quite busy! 

We've played at the splash pad with friends...

Checked out animals at a petting zoo...

Picnicked at Crown Center and watched The Sandlot...

and enjoyed sno-cones, too!

The kids armed themselves to prepare for water fights with Papa Johne...

played at the park with Aunt Laura after she came home from East Asia...

and had fun slipping and sliding at a friend's birthday party!

Last weekend, we visited Derek at the Armory for Family Day hosted by the FRG-- and that's always a summer highlight for the kids!

And, of course... LOTS AND LOTS of swimming. 

Belle loved hopping in the water like a frog and just a few weeks ago, she started going underwater for fun! :)

Jackson loved everything about the water! He really liked playing "water baseball", diving for toys, and practicing all sorts of new jumps! This one is called, The Helicopter. 


Oh, and once he was brave enough to do the tube slide one time, he never wanted to stop!

Jackson is more than thrilled that school is starting. Depending on the day and time, I am ready to send him off or sobbing because he's growing up! Either way, we definitely made the most of our summer as a family of four! :)


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